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Announcing ABYSMAL GRIEF (it) and EPITAPH (it) – “The Lords of Dark Sound” tour April 2016!

Killtown Bookings proudly presents:
The two most representative bands of the infamous Italian Dark Sound finally team up for 15 European dates in the name of Death and Heaviness!

ABYSMAL GRIEF (it) and EPITAPH (it) will embark on the much anticipated tour “The Lords of Dark Sound” from 2nd to 16th of April 2016!!!

In the eighties and nineties, Italy spawned a big black mass of great horror doom bands, as the underground flourished with illustrious names like Death SS, Paul Chain, Black Hole, Sacrilege, Zess, Malombra, Cultus Sanguine, Epitaph and Abysmal Grief.

Abysmal Grief has been holding the burning torch of the underground high since 1996 and is considered to be today´s forefront of this cult movement! 2016 marks the 20th anniversary of Abysmal Grief as a band and ambassadors of the occult Italian Dark sound! Abysmal Grief´s live performances takes you through a journey of the dark universe of horror, rituals and incantations. Their performances are so powerful and intense – it’s a must see for the die-hard cult metal fan!

Epitaph was spawned from ashes of Black Hole (Mauro Tollini and Nicola Murari a.k.a. Luther Gordon and Nicholas Murray, drums and guitar/bass guitar respectively during Black Hole´s heyday). The band was on hiatus for nearly 2 decades before returning with a full length album in 2014 on High Roller Records. During their performances on this tour they will do a special 15-minute Black Hole medley!

Both bands will be performing the 2016 edition of the infamous Roadburn Festival alongside acts like Neurosis, Paradise Lost, G.I.S.M., Repulsion among many others.

A special split 12″ will be released as an exclusive edition that will only be sale during the shows of the tour.

If you are interested in bringing this great package to your city, please drop Daniel a line at


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More info:
ABYSMAL GRIEF (it) – Horror Records

Abysmal Grief is an Italian gothic and doom metal band, formed in Genoa in 1996 by a mysterious character named Regen Graves, enthusiast of Occultism, Black Magic and Horror culture, with the intent to translate into music his spiritual researches. The lack of information about the band and its members, and the gloomy and mournful image that the group has built have favored the birth of a macabre and disturbing aura around them.
The official and definitive line up was completed only at the end of 1997, including Regen Graves (guitars), Labes C. Necrothytus (keyboards & back vocals), Lord Alastair (bass), Garian (vocals) and Lord of Fog (drums), and it saw the release of the first demo tape entitled “Funereal”.

From 2000 on, Abysmal Grief established the lineup around the only figures of Graves, Necrothytus & Alastair, and kept releasing several works as singles, MLPs, splits, and full-lengths.

Anyway, the real live activity started only in 2005, with the arrival of a more stable drummer called William Blisset: these concerts were characterized by a strong scenography including objects stolen from graveyards, huge use of candles and smoke machines, and throw of real living worms on the crowd. Many other drummers took place for concerts and studio works until 2013, when former drummer Lord of Fog finally reunited with the band after almost 14 years.

Abysmal Grief have just released now their 4th studio album in November 2015, entitled “Strange Rites of Evil”, a complex opus deeply focused on Death and religious superstitions, and will celebrate in November 2016 their 20th anniversary.

“To be born, to die, to be reborn again and to always progress, that is the Law.”

1998 – Funereal (demo)
1999 – Mors te audit (demo)
2000 – Exsequia Occulta (single)
2002 – Hearse (single)
2004 – Creatures From the Grave / Le entità della salvazione (split with Tony Tears)
2006 – Mors Eleison (EP)
2007 – Abysmal Grief (full-length)
2009 – Resurrection of the Damned / Brides of the Goat (split with Denial of God)
2009 – The Samhain Feast (EP)
2009 – Misfortune (full-length)
2011 – Foetor Funereus Mortuorum (EP)


EPITAPH (it) – High Roller Records

Epitaph was spawned in 1987, by Black Hole escapees Mauro Tollini and Nicola Murari (a.k.a. Luther Gordon and Nicholas Murray, drums and guitar/bass guitar respectively during Black Hole´s heyday). Leaving the aforementioned band after releasing the Land of Mystery album in 1985 that prodigiously flawed gem of weird and occult doom wishing to vent their passion in a crunchier metal way, they put on the short-lived Sacrilege, which in turn horridly blossomed into Epitaph proper: an act deeply rooted in the revered Italian dark sound tradition.

In the years that followed, while leaving a wake of blistering shows, three demos were released, which are now relics much sought after. Now, after a dreadful hiatus of almost 20 years, Epitaph are back into the fold, having compulsorily enrolled the services of Emiliano il Confessore (one time singer in All Souls Day) and hard-bluesman Lorenzo Loatelli as the new guitar player.

The long gestated full-length album, “Crawling out of the Crypt” boasting both new and revamped old material, was released in 2014 through High Roller Records and has steadily gained appreciation ever since.

“The Lord of Evil” – 1988 demo
“Sacred and Profane” – 1992 demo
“Mental Walls” – 1994 demo
“Underground Symphony” – 1994 (sampler compilation, Underground Symphony)
“Area Sismica” – 1995 (sampler compilation, A.M. songs)
“Crawling out of the Crypt” – 2014 full-length, High Roller Records

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