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Killtown Bookings is proud to present the first European tour ever for Houston Death Metal Heavyweights BLASPHERIAN! Blaspherian will finally conquer European soil for the first time in their 9 years of existence, starting off at the 4th edition of the Kill-Town Death Fest in Denmark (

Undeniably forged in the darkest pits of hell, this Texan force delivers meaty down-tuned Death Metal heaviness spiced with dark, extremely low end vocals and outbursts of blast beats.

Their performance at KTDF 2013 will be followed by a two week long European tour named EUROPEAN BLASPHEMOUS ATTACK 2013!, and Blaspherian will be sure to leave their black mark of Christ-denying Death Metal at each stop. You do not want to miss out on this gruesome band’s virgin voyage of death and destruction across the European continent!

Blaspherian will be available for shows in the period between September 2nd – September 15th 2013. If you are interested in booking a show for Blaspherian, please get in touch with Daniel at Killtown Bookings; / +45 23722250.

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BLASPHERIAN (us) – Deathgasm Records

The unholy horde of Blaspherian was formed in 2004 by Wes Infernal on guitar and Daniel Desecrator on vocals. They quickly added drummer Matt Mayhem forging an unholy union dedicated to satanic blasphemous death metal. After several rehearsal demos, the band released a split 7″ with Houston’s black metal force Adumus in 2006. In 2007 they made two releases, a split 7″ with Evil Incarnate on Hells Headbanger Records, and a 12″ e.p. on Blood Harvest Records titled “Allegiance to the Will of Damnation”.

The band continued to write new material and after Daniel Desecrator left the band, they added new vocalist Apollyon and recorded their debut LP “Infernal Warriors of Death” (Through Deathgasm Records in America, and through Deathrune Records in Europe) on CD and vinyl.

2012 saw the re-addition of vocalist Daniel Desecrator and the continuing of their unholy crusade in the old tradition. Blaspherian have played many live shows, including shows together with Impiety, Proclamation, Incantation, Hellwitch, Hod, as well as many other national and international bands. They have also played many fests in the US, including Rites of Darkness 2 and 3.

Demo 1 – 2005
‘Summoning Of Infernal Hordes’ Demo 2 – 2006
‘Black Death’ Split 7″ -split with Adumus [Red Vinyl, Self Released] -2006
‘Allegiance to the Will of Damnation’ E.P. Vinyl edition, Blood Harvest Records
‘Behold the Endless Glory of Baphomet’ -split 7″ with Evil Incarnate, Hells Headbangers Records – 2007
‘Infernal Warriors of Death’ Debut Full-length – 2011

Upcoming Releases:
Split 7″ with Imprecation, Dark Descent Records
Split 12″ with Godless [Chile], Blood Harvest Records
Split 12″ 2ith Crucifier[U.S.] C.D.-Warfuck Records…. Vinyl Edition Hells Headbangers
Split 7″ with In League With Satan [Italy] through Blasphemous Art /Iron Bonehead Records

Let your ears bleed to the song “Desecration Eternal” from their 2011 full length “Infernal Warriors of Death”:

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