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-(16)- (us) / Grime (it) – “Deep Cuts over Europe” Tour 2014!

Killtown Bookings is proud to present:
-(16)- (us) / Grime (it) – “Deep Cuts over Europe” Tour 2014!

“Deep Cuts over Europe” will be an exclusive 8-show mini-tour for legendary Californian sludge outfit -(16)- (us) in April 2014 surrounding their performance at the infamous Roadburn Festival in Tilburg, The Netherlands. On tour they will bring Italian sludge rockers Grime (it) with them to leave a trail of destruction and despair across Europe. Be sure not to miss this great package!

5th April 2014 Milano, Italy Lo Fi Club
6th April 2014 Nova Gorica, Slovenia Mostovna
7th April 2014 Prague, Czech 007 Club
8th April 2014 Leipzig, Germany Plaque
9th April 2014 Copenhagen, Denmark KB18
10th April 2014 Hamburg, Germany Hafenklang
11th April 2014 Berlin, Germany Köpi
12th April 2014 Tilburg, The Netherlands Roadburn Festival

More info:
-(16)- (us) – Relapse Records
-(16)- is a Sludge Metal band from Los Angeles, California that is currently signed to Relapse Records. Their latest album, Deep Cuts from Dark Clouds was released in 2012.

The band -(16)- was formed in Santa Ana, Ca. by Bobby Ferry (guitar), Cris Jerue (vocals), and Jason Corley (drums) in 1992. Finding a lasting bass player was a problem until Tony Baumeister joined in 1993. The band’s first full-length album entitled “Curves That Kick” was released in 1993 on legendary artist Pushead’s label “Bacteria Sour.” Working with Pushead enabled the band to have the album released in Japan, as well as the opportunity to tour Japan, which happened in the summer of 1994. The follow-up record “Drop Out” was relased by Pessimiser/Theologian records in 1996 (although it was recorded nearly two years earlier). It received critical acclaim, but the band did not tour, and only performed locally and semi-locally.

Jason Corley was ejected from the band at the end of 1994, and replaced by Andy Hassler. Phil Vera was also added as a 2nd guitarist. The band released “Blaze of Incompetence” in 1997 (again on Pessimiser/Theologian), and did a US tour with Grief in 1998. Andy Hassler was fired shortly after the tour. R.D. Davies replaced Andy, but he overdosed on heroin 6 months later and was replaced by Mark Sanger. The next album, “Zoloft Smile,” was recorded in 1999/2000, but wasn’t released until 2002 by At A Loss Recordings. By the time the album was actually released, Bobby and Tony had both quit the band. The rest of the guys carried on with Phil being the lone guitar player. Nial McGaughey and later, Rafa Martinez (Black Cobra) handled bass duties. Phil took over vocal duties in 2003, after Cris was forced to go to rehab for alcohol and drug dependency. The band toured the US and Japan as a three-piece (Phil, Mark, Rafa), until calling it quits in 2004.

The band reunited in 2007 (Bobby, Cris, Jason, Tony) and subsequently got a deal with Relapse Records. Their Relapse debut, “Bridges to Burn,” was relased in Jan. 2009. The band parted ways with Jason Corley again (notice a pattern), and recruited Mateo Pinkerton (ex Buzzov-en, Crom) as their new drummer. They have toured Europe twice, played the Hellfest in France. In early 2012 they released their album “Deep cuts from Dark Clouds” and toured the eastern US with label mates Tombs. In 2013 Dion Thurman came in as new drummer and Barney Firks came in as a new bass player. Currently -(16)- is writing new songs, planning tours and playing regional live shows.

GRIME (it) – Forcefield Records

Forged just three years ago in Trieste, Italy, GRIME spew a cogent wall of filth, decay and soul-scarring sludge metal battery. Their forthcoming offering comes in the form of the fittingly dubbed Deteriorate. The follow-up to their six-track self-titled debut released by Mordgrimm Records , which Pure Grain Audio simply called “dirty-as-fuck,” offers up a bottom heavy exhibition of severing doom derived of misanthropy, anguish and hurt feelings. Self-described as the sound of “a decaying swamp filled with trash,” GRIME’s slow, heavy groove is earnest and vicious, their mammoth guitar riffs are sharp and crusted with rust, their drums and bass hit with the unstoppable power of a violent mudslide.Deteriorate’s eight tracks were recorded at Igloo Audiofactory in Italy by Enrico Baraldi, mixed and mastered by sound wizard Billy Anderson and will see official release on LP via Forcefield Records June 11th and on Cd via Mordgrimm Records. Fans of Iron Monkey, Noothgrush, Grief and Eyehategod are demanded to pay heed.

GRIME’s ultimate goal is delivering their sonic destruction to a town near you!


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