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Backline rental

Killtown Bookings backline rental:
Killtown Bookings has a selection of amps, cabinets and drum kits for rent. We mainly provide for our own tours, but if you are interested in renting equipment for your own tour or show, please get in touch with daniel (a) and get a quote.

Below you will see a list of what we have available. The list will change as we are all the time buying up new gear.

Guitar amps:

1 x Marshall JCM 800 100W Tube head
1 x Marshall JCM 900 100W Tube head
1 x Marshall JCM 2000 Triple Lead 100W Tube head
1 x Marshall JVM 410 H – Modiefied, vastly improved sound and dynamics. – Goes from clean – Plexi – JCM800 – Modern Marshall Higain – Full switching and loop.
3 x Peavey 5150 100 W Tube Head
1 x Laney GH100 ti 100 W Tube Head
1 x Orange OR120 1972 vintage Tube Head
1 x Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier 100W Tube Head – Revision F from 1993.

2 x Peavey
1 x Marshall (for JCM2000)

Bass amps

1 x Ampeg SVT AV 300W US-Model amplifier
1 x Peavey Firebass 700, 700W amplifier
1 x Mesa Boogie bas s400+, 300w amplifier
1 x Marshall VBA400, 400W all tube bass head

Guitar cabs:

2 x 4×12 Marshall Celestion A Cabinet JCM900 1960 Series
3 x 4×12 Marshall Celestion B Cabinet JCM900 1960 Series
1 x 4×12 Marshall Celestion A Cabinet JCM800 1982 Series
1 x 4×12 Marshall Celestion B Cabinet JCM800 1982 Series
1 x 4×12 Marshall Celestion A Cabinet Vintage 1960 Series
1 x Orange OR 4×12 Cabinet

Bass cabs:

1 x Ampeg SVT 8 x 10 Bass Cabinet
1 x Custom Mesa PowerHouse 1×15 & 4×10 Cabinet


SONOR ESSENTIAL FORCE Series Stage S Drum Kit – 6-ply/7.2mm 100% birch shells, hefty and dynamic sound and with accentuated mid-ranges/highs and defined lows, high-glosslacquered surfaces, TuneSafe tuning lugs, vibration-free T.A.R. system (Total Acoustic Resonance) with APS for maximum resonance and sustain.

Kick drum: 2 x 22″ x 20″ (not drilled)
Rack toms: 10″ x 6.5″, 12″ x 7″
Floor toms :14″ x 12″,’16″ x 14″ floor toms
Snare: 14″ x 6.5″

Colour: Piano Black.
Hardcase HROCKFUS-7 Drum Case Set.

SST shell construction, 6-ply tom and bass shells

Kick drum: 22 x 18″
Rack toms: 12 x 8″, 13 x 9″
Floor tom: 16 x 16″

Snare drums:
Selection of various brands (Sonor, Tama, Pearl)

Selection of stands of various brands (Sonor, Tama, Pearl, Yamaha, Premier)
-Hi-Hat stand(s)
-Snare drum stand(s)
-Sonor DTS 4000 Double Tom Stand
-boom stand(s)
-mini boom stand(s)

Single pedals of various brands (Sonor x 2, Tama, Pearl)

Zildjian 14” Hi-Hat (top and bottom)
Zildjian 14” Crash
Paiste 18” China
Paiste 20” Ride
Meinel 18” Crash
Meinel 20” Ride

-drum stool(s)
-4x TA278 single tom holders
-3x MC276 multiclamp
-hi-hat clamps

3 x single guitar/bass stands

-speaker cables
-line ¼ inch cables
-power cables
-9v power supply
-Cable box