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Blood Incantation (us) / Cruciamentum (uk) • “Interdimensional Passages Through Europe 2017” • 17th – 31st March 2017

Thursday 16th March 2017Reykjavik, Iceland Húrra
Friday 17th March 2017Copenhagen, DenmarkPumpehuset
Saturday 18th March 2017Berlin, GermanyUrban Spree
Sunday 19th March 2017Rotterdam, The NetherlandsBaroeg
Monday 20th March 2017Antwerp, BelgiumHet Bos
Tuesday 21st March 2017Bristol, UKThe Exchange
Wednesday 22nd March 2017London, UKNambucca
Thursday 23rd March 2017Lille, FranceLe Midland
Friday 24th March 2017Paris, FranceLe Klub
Saturday 25th March 2017Koblenz, GermanyJam Club
Sunday 26th March 2017Leipzig, Germany4 Rooms
Monday 27th March 2017Poznan, PolandU Bazyla
Tuesday 28th March 2017Vilnius, LithuanianArauti
Wednesday 29th March 2017Warsaw, PolandHydrozagadka
Thursday 30th March 2017Wroclaw, PolandCiemna Strona Miasta
Friday 31st March 2017Hirschaid, GermanyJahnhalle - Braincrusher Festival *Just Cruciamentum
Friday 31st March 2017Istanbul, TurkeykargART *Just Blood Incantation
Saturday 1st April 2017Hirschaid, GermanyJahnhalle - Braincrusher Festival *Just Blood Incantation

death metal
Blood Incantation:


Venenum (d) / Reveal (swe) • “Eating Glass Tour” • 1st – 9th April 2017

Friday 31st March 2017Hirschaid, GermanyJahnhalle - Braincrusher Festival
Saturday 1st April 2017Vienna, Austria,Escape - "Necromantik Death Fest"
Sunday 2nd April 2017Bologna, ItalyFreakout Club
Monday 3rd April 2017Basel, SwitzerlandSommercasino
Tuesday 4th April 2017Freiburg, GermanySlow Club
Wednesday 5th April 2017Antewerp, BelgiumMusic City
Thursday 6th April 2017Rotterdam, The NetherlandsBaroeg
Friday 7th April 2017Düsseldorf, GermanyClub Exit
Saturday 8th April 2017Berlin, GermanyCortina Bob
Sunday 9th April 2017Leipzig, GermanyZoro

death metal

Ash Borer (us) / Vanum (us) • “European Tour MMXVII” • 14th April – 7th May 2017

Friday 14th April 2017Copenhagen, DenmarkLoppen w/ Lycus (us) + Fórn (us)
Saturday 15th 14th April 2017Berlin, GermanyTiefgrund - Vendetta Fest w/ Lycus (us) + Fórn (us)
Sunday 16th April 2017Leipzig, GermanyWestwerk - Doom Over Leipzig warm up w/ Ash Borer (us) + Vanum (us)
Monday 17th April 2017Wroclaw, PolandJagielończyka - CRK w/ Lycus (us) + Fórn (us)
Tuesday 18th April 2017Vienna, AustriaViper Room
Wednesday 19th April 2017Darmstadt, GermanyOetinger Villa
Thursday 20th April 2017Tilburg, The NetherlandsRoadburn Festival
Friday 21st April 2017London, UKNambucca
Saturday 22nd April 2017Glasgow, ScotlandAudio
Sunday 23rd April 2017Dublin, IrelandOn the Rox w/ Vircolac (irl)
Monday 24th April 2017Bristol, UKThe Exchange
Tuesday 25th April 2017Paris, FranceLe Klub
Wednesday 26th April 2017Bordeaux, FranceRockschool Barbey
Thursday 27th April 2017Derio (Bilbao area), SpainBaserri Antzokia
Friday 28th April 2017Cascais (Lisbon) PortugalStairway Club
Saturday 29th April 2017Seville, SpainSala Hollander
Sunday 30th April 2017Madrid, SpainWurlitzer Ballroom
Monday 1st May 207Barcelona, SpainRocksound
Tuesday 2nd May 2017SwitzerlandL´Usine
Wednesday 3rd May 2017Munich, GermanyFeierwerk
Thursday 4th May 2017Hamburg, GermanyHafenklang
Friday 5th May 2017St. Petersburg, RussiaZoccolo 2.0
Saturday 6th May 2017Moscow, RussiaShagi

black metal
Ash Borer:

Lycus (us) / Fórn(us) •European tour • 14th – 26th April 2017

Friday 14th April 2017Copenhagen, DenmarkLoppen w/ Ash Borer (us) + Vanum (us)
Saturday 15th 14th April 2017Berlin, GermanyTiefgrund - Vendetta Fest w/ Ash Borer (us) + Vanum (us) + more
Sunday 16th April 2017Leipzig, GermanyWestwerk - Doom Over Leipzig warm up w/ Ash Borer (us) + Vanum (us)
Monday 17th April 2017Wroclaw, PolandJagielończyka - CRK w/ Ash Borer (us) + Vanum (us)
Tuesday 18th April 2017Vienna, AustriaArena w/ WITTR (us)
Wednesday 19th April 2017Hannover, GermanyCafe Glocksee w/ WITTR (us)
Thursday 20th April 2017Tilburg, The NetherlandsRoadburn Festival 2017
Friday 21st April 2017Karlsruhe, GermanyDude Fest
Sunday 23rd April 2017 Köln, GermanyGebaude9 * just Lycus w/ WITTR (us)
Monday 24th April 2017Hamburg, GermanyUebel & Gefaerlich * just Lycus w/ WITTR (us)
Tuesday 25th April 2017Gothenburg, SwedenTruckstop Alaska * just Lycus w/ WITTR (us)
Wednesday 26th April 2017Oslo, NorwayParkteatret * just Lycus w/ WITTR (us)

funeral doom

lycus euro dates poster_WEB

Forn Tour poster_WEB

Bongzilla (us) •European Tour 2017 • 20th April – 27th May 2017

Thursday 20th April 2017Tilburg, The NetherlandsRoadburn Festival (main stage)
Friday 21st April 2017Moscow, RussiaШАГИ
Saturday 22nd April 2017St. Petersburg, RussiaTBA
Sunday 23rd April 2017TBAShow needed!
Monday 24th April 2017TBAShow needed!
Tuesday 25th April 2017Salzburg, AustriaRockhouse
Wednesday 26th April 2017Bologna, ItalyAlchemica Club
Thursday 27th April 2017Lausanne, SwitzerlandImpetus Fest / Romandie
Friday 28th April 2017Berlin, GermanyDesert Fest
Saturday 29th April 2017London, UKDesert Fest
Sunday 30th April 2017London, UKDesert Fest
Monday 31st April 2017Bruxelles, BelgiumMagasin 4
Tuesday 1st May 2017Le Havre, FranceLe Sonic
Wednesday 2nd May 2017Paris, FranceGlazart
Thursday 3rd May 2017Nantes, FranceLe Ferrailleur
Friday 4th May 2017Toulouse, FranceRex Club
Saturday 5th May 2017Madrid, SpainKriston Fest
Sunday 6th May 2017Guéret, FranceMetal Cultures
Monday 8th May 2017Aarau, SwitzerlandKiff Foyer
Tuesday 9th May 2017Zagreb, CroatiaMochvara
Wednesday 10th May 2017Vienna, AustriaArena
Thursday 11th May 2017Belgrade, SerbiaElektropionir
Friday 12th May 2017Skopje, MacedoniaYouth Center
Saturday 13th May 2017Sofia, BulgariaLive % Loud Club
Sunday 14th May 2017Timisoara, RomaniaClub Daos
Monday 15th May 2017Budapest, HungaryA38
Tuesday 16th May 2017Prague, Czech Republic007
Wednesday 17th May 2017Warsaw, PolandPoglos
Thursday 18th May 2017Kaunas, LithuaniaLemmy Klubas
Friday 19th May 2017Riga, LatviaNabaklab
Saturday 20th May 2017Talinn, EstoniaRock Stars
Sunday 21st May 2017Helsinki, FinlandBar Loose
Monday 22nd May 2017Ferry to SwedenDay off
Tuesday 23rd May 2017Oslo, NorwayBlå
Wednesday 24th May 2017Gothenburg, SwedenTruckstop Alaska
Thursday 25th May 2017Copenhagen, DenmarkPumpehuset
Friday 26th May 2017Hamburg, GermanyHafenklang
Saturday 27th May 2017Köln, GermanyShow needed!


tour poster3_web

Come to Grief (us) / Sado Zora (macedonia) • • 21st – 28th April 2017

Friday 21st April 2017Berlin, GermanyKöpi
Saturday 22nd April 2017Leipzig, GermanyDoom Over Leipzig
Sunday 23rd April 2017Tilburg, The NetherlandsRoadburn Festival
Monday 24th April 2017Antwerp, BelgiumHet Bos
Tuesday 25th April 2017Bologna, ItalyFreakout Club
Wednesday 26th April 2017Nürnberg, GermanyZentralcafé (K4)
Thursday 27th April 2017Hamburg, GermanyRote Flora
Friday 28th April 2017Copenhagen, DenmarkNorthern Discomfort Fest II

Come to Grief:


Funebrarum (us) / Phrenelith (dk) •The reek of Rotting Flesh Tour • 14th May – 2nd June 2017

Tuesday 16th May 2017Oslo, NorwayRevolver
Wednesday 17th May 2017Copenhagen, DenmarkPumpehuset w/ Undergang (dk) + Taphos (dk)
Thursday 18th May 2017Berlin, GermanyTommyhaus
Friday 19th May 2017Wroclaw, PolandCiemna Strona Miasta
Saturday 20th May 2017Warsaw, PolandPoglos
Sunday 21st May 2017Vilnius, LithuanianAurati
Monday 22nd May 2017Gdansk, PolandProtokultura Club
Tuesday 23rd May 2017Prague, Czech Republic007 Club
Wednesday 24th May 2017GermanyShow needed!
Thursday 25th May 2017Rotterdam, The NetherlandsBaroeg
Friday 26th May 2017Rennes, FranceMondo Bizarro
Saturday 27th May 2017Paris, FranceLe Klub
Sunday 28th May 2017Antwerp, BelgiumKavka
Monday 29th May 2017London, UKNambucca
Tuesday 30th May 2017Göttingen, GermanyFreihafen
Wednesday 31st May 2017Hamburg, GermanyBambi Galore
Thursday 1st June 2017Helsinki, FinlandLepakkomies
Friday 2nd June 2017Pori, FinlandFinnish Death Metal Maniacs

death metal


Tau Cross (uk/us/can) •Pillar of Fire Tour • 29th July – 8th August 2017

Saturday 29th July 2017Lempäälä, FinlandPuntala Rock
Sunday 30th July 2017Helsinki, FinlandTBA
Monday 31st July 2017Ferry to SwedenDay off
Tuesday 1st August 2017Stockholm, SwedenKraken
Wednesday 2nd August 2017Oslo, NorwayShow needed!
Thursday 3rd August 2017Gothenburg, SwedenTruckstop Alaska
Friday 4th August 2017Hamburg, GermanyHafenklang
Saturday 5th August 2017Rotterdam, The NetherlandsBaroeg
Sunday 6th August 2017Giavera del Montello (Treviso), ItalyDisintegrate your Ignorance Festival
Monday 7th August 2017Berlin, GermanyTBA
Tuesday 8th August 2017Copenhagen, DenmarkBeta - Dirty Days of Summer

Tau Cross: