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Killtown Bookings is working on the following tours and taking offers.
If you are interested in booking a show for one or more of the tours below please get in touch: killtowntourbookings(NOSPAM)

Blood Incantation (us) / Spectral Voice (us) • European Necrosis • 4th October – 9th November 2017

Wednesday 4th October 2017Reykjavik, IcelandGaukurinn
Friday 6th October 2017Hamburg, GermanyBambi Galore
Saturday 7th October 2017Hoogeveen, The NetherlandsGraveland Fest
Sunday 8th October 2017Brussels, BelgiumMagasin 4
Monday 9th October 2017London, UKNambucca
Tuesday 10th October 2017Rennes, FranceMondo Bizarro
Wednesday 11th October 2017Bilbao (Barakaldo), SpainSala Edaska
Thursday 12th October 2017Porto, PortugalMetalpoint
Friday 13th October 2017Lisbon (Almada), PortugalAnother Place
Saturday 14th October 2017Malaga, SpainParis 15 - South Bangers Fest
Sunday 15th October 2017Madrid, SpainSala Wurlitzer Ballroom
Monday 16th October 2017Barcelona, SpainSala Rocksound
Tuesday 17th October 2017Nice, FranceAltherax Music
Wednesday 18th October 2017Milan, ItalyBlue Rose Saloon
Thursday 19th October 2017Bologna, ItalyFreak Out Club
Friday 20th October 2017Villingen-Schwenningen, GermanyGermany Black Forrest Fest IV
Saturday 21st October 2017Koper, SloveniaCMK
Sunday 22nd October 2017Vienna, AustriaViper Room
Monday 23rd October 2017Budapest, HungaryRobot
Tuesday 24th October 2017Krakow, PolandWarsztat
Wednesday 25th October 2017Warsaw, PolandClub Pogłos
Thursday 26th October 2017Kiev, UkraineMonteRay Live Stage
Saturday 28th October 2017Moscow, RussiaModel T
Sunday 29th October 2017Skt. Petersburg, RussiaLES
Tuesday 31st October 2017Turku, FinlandTVO
Wednesday 1st November 2017Helsinki, FinlandLepakkomies Baari
Thursday 2nd November 2017Stockholm, SwedenKraken
Friday 3rd November 2017Oslo, NorwayRevolver
Saturday 4th November 2017Gothenburg, SwedenGothenburg Death Fest
Sunday 5th November 2017Ålborg, Denmark1000Fryd
Monday 6th November 2017Copenhagen, DenmarkLoppen
Thursday 9th Noember 2017Tel Aviv, IsraelGargarin

death metal
Blood Incantation:
Spectral Voice:

Procession (cl/swe/dk) / Epitaph (it) • Pacto de Sangre – The Doom of Europe MMXVII • 15th November – 3rd December 2017

Wednesday 15th Nov.Copenhagen, DenmarkKB18
Thursday 16th Nov.Berlin, GermanyUrban Spree
Friday 17th Nov.Würzburg, GermanyPosthalle - Hammer of Doom Fest XII
Saturday 18th Nov.Rotterdam, The NetherlandsBaroeg
Sunday 19th Nov.Antwerp, BelgiumKavka
Monday 20th Nov.London, UKNambucca
Tuesday 21st Nov.Paris, FranceLe Klub
Wednesday 22nd Nov.Bordeaux, FranceVoid Club
Thursday 23rd Nov.Zaragoza, SpainSala Utopia
Friday 24th Nov.Murcia, Spain12 y Medio
Saturday 25th Nov.Madrid, SpainGruta 66
Sunday 26th Nov.Barcelona, SpainSala Rocksound
Monday 27th Nov.Cavaillon, FranceIron Bar
Tuesday, 28th Nov.Zürich, SwitzerlandEbrietas
Wednesday 29th Nov.Innspruck, AustriaP.M.K.
Thursday 30th Nov.Florence, ItalyCirkus
Friday 1st Dec.Milan, ItalyBlue Rose Saloon
Saturday 2nd Dec.TBAShow needed!
Sunday 3rd Dec.Göttingen, GermanyFreihafen

doom metal

Execration (no) / Reptilian (no) • Return to the Void • 18th – 28th January 2018

Thursday 18th January 2018Copenhagen, DenmarkPumpehuset
Friday 19th January 2018GermanyShow needed!
Saturday 20th January 2018TBAShow needed!
Sunday 21st January 2018TBAShow needed!
Monday 22nd January 2018TBAShow needed!
Tuesday 23rd January 2018TBAShow needed!
Wednesday 24th January 2018Dresden, GermanyChemiefabrik
Thursday 25th January 2018Poznan, PoloandU Bazyla
Friday 26th January 2018Warsaw, PolandPoglos
Saturday 27th January 2018Berlin, GermanyCasseiopeia
Sunday 28th January 2018Rotterdam, The NetherlandsBaroeg

death metal

Venenum (de) / Slægt (dk) • Europe in Trance • 9th – 25th February 2018

Friday 9th February 2018Leipzig, GermanyUT Connewitz "A Sinister Purpuse Fest"
Saturday 10th February 2018Berlin, GermanyTBA
Sunday 11th February 2018The Netherlands/BelgiumShow needed!
Monday 12th February 2018London, UKThe Boston Music Room
Tuesday 13th February 2018Glasgow, UKAudio
Wednesday 14th February 2018Nottingham, UKAngel Microbrewery
Thursday 15th February 2018Nantes, FranceTBA
Friday 16th February 2018Bordeaux, FranceRockschool Barbey
Saturday 17th February 2018Zaragoza, SpainSala Utopia
Sunday 18th February 2018Porto, PortugalMetalpoint
Monday 19th February 2018Madrid, SpainSala Wurlitzer Ballroom
Tuesday 20th February 2018Granada, SpainSala La Sala Granada
Wednesday 21st February 2018Barcelona, SpainSala Rocksound
Thursday 22nd February 2018Nice, FranceAtherax Music
Friday 23rd February 2018Milan, ItalyBlue Rose Saloon
Saturday 24th February 2018Winterthur, SwitzerlandGaswerk
Sunday 25th February 2018Nürnberg, GermanyZ-Bau

death metal / blackened heavy metal

Profanatica (us) / Rites of thy Degringolade (can) / Auroch (can) • Curling Flame over Europe • 1st – 17th March 2018

Thursday 1st March 2018Copenhagen, DenmarkLoppen
Friday 2nd March 2018Tilburg, The NetherlandsThe Netherlands Death Fest - 013 venue
Saturday 3rd March 2018London, UKTBA
Sunday 4th March 2018Glasgow, UKTBA
Monday 5th March 2018UKTBA
Tuesday 6th March 2018Nantes, FranceLe Ferrailleur
Wednesday 7th March 2018Paris, FranceBackstage
Thursday 8th March 2018BelgiumShow needed!
Friday 9th March 2018Berlin, GermanyNuke Club
Saturday 10th March 2018PolandInto the Abyss Fest III
Sunday 11th March 2018Banská Bystrica, Slovakia Rock Club Tartaros
Monday 12th March 2018Prague, CzechTBA
Tuesday 13th March 2018Nürnberg, GermanyZ-Bau
Wednesday 14th March 2018Budapest, HungaryTBA
Thursday 15th March 2018Vienna, AustriaViper Room
Friday 16th March 2018TBAShow needed!
Saturday 17th March 2018Parma, ItalyTitty Twister
Sunday 18th March 2018Athens, GreeceKyttaro
Monday 19th March 2018Thessaloniki, Greece8ball Club

black/death metal
Rites of thy Degringolade: