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Killtown Bookings is working on the following tours and taking offers.
If you are interested in booking a show for one or more of the tours below please get in touch: killtowntourbookings(NOSPAM)

Blood Incantation (us) • Festival Tour 2018 • 8th August- 9th September 2018

Thursday 9th August 2018Jaromer, CzechBrutal Assault XXIII
Friday 10th August 2018Schlotheim, GermanyPartysan Open Air Festival
Saturday 11th August 2018Sinzendorf, GermanyVoid Fest
Friday 17th August 2018Malmö, Sweden’Död åt Malmö’ Plan B ’Norra Gränges’
Saturday 18th August 2018Helsinki, FinlandÄäniwalli - Helsinki Death Fest
Saturday 25th August 2018Bergen, NorwayUSF Verftet - Beyond the Gates VII
Thursday 6th September 2018Copenhagen, DenmarkPumpehuset - Kill-Town Death Fest VI - The Resurection

death metal
Blood Incantation:

Incantation (us) • Siege of the Profane Tour 2018 • 30th August – 9th September 2018

Wednesday 29th August 2018Utrecht, The NetherlandsdB´s
Thursday 30th August 2018Hamburg, GermanyKultur Palatz
Friday 31st August 2018Berlin, GermanyMorbid Catacombs Fest
Saturday 1st September 2018Gothenburg, SwedenTruckstop Alaska
Sunday 2nd September 2018Oslo, NorwayRevolver
Monday 3rd September 2018Stockholm, SwedenKraken
Tuesday 4th September 2018Ferry to StockholmDay off
Wednesday 5th September 2018Helsinki, FinlandNosturi / Elmun Baari
Thursday 6th September 2018Vilnius, Lithuanian´Arauti Club
Friday 7th September 2018Lodz, PolandSummer Dying Loud Fest
Saturday 8th September 2018Copenhagen, DenmarkKill-Town Death Fest VI
Sunday 9th September 2018Athens, GreeceTemple Athens

death metal

Necrowretch (fr) / Cemetery Urn (aus) • Burial Procession of Evropa • 6th – 21st September 2018

Thursday 6th Sept. 2019Copenhagen, DenmarkKill-Town Death Fest VI- Pumpehuset
Friday 7th Sept. 2019Hamburg, GermanyBambi Galore
Saturday 8th Sept. 2019Chemnitz, GermanyNikola Tesla
Sunday 9th Sept. 2019Mlada Boleslav, CzechiaFarárova Sluj.
Tuesday 11th Sept. 2019Milan, ItalyCircolo Svolta
Wednesday 12th Sept. 2019Basel, SwitzerlandHirscheneck
Thursday 13th Sept. 2019Wolfsburg, Germanys.v. Jugendhaus Ost
Friday 14th Sept. 2019Krakow, PolandZe Pe Te
Saturday 15th Sept. 2019Berlin, GermanySwamp Fest @ Zukunft am Ostkreuz
Tuesday 18th Sept. 2019Paris, FranceLe Klub
Wedneday 19th Sept. 2019Antwerp, BelgiumMusic City
Friday 21st Sept. 2019Wermelskirchen, GermanyNRW Death Fest @ AJZ Bahndamm

death metal
Cemetery Urn:

Demilich (fin) / Spectral Voice (us) • The Putrefying Road of the Fifteen Corridors • 10th – 22nd September 2018

Saturday 8th September 2018Copenhagen, DenmarkPumpehuset - Kill-Town Death Fest VI
Sunday 9th September 2018Copenhagen, DenmarkPumpehuset - Kill-Town Death Fest VI
Tuesday 11h September 2018Hamburg, GermanyBambi Galore
Wednesday 12h September 2018Wroclaw, PolandD.K. Luxus
Thursday 13h September 2018Leipzig, GermanyConne Island w/ Triumvir Foul (us) + Malthusian (irl)
Friday 14h September 2018Eindhoven, The NetherlandsEffenaar - Bloodshed Fest
Saturday 15h September 2018Brussels, BelgiumMagasin 4
Sunday 16h September 2018London, UKBoston Music Room w/ Necrot (us)
Monday 17h September 2018Paris, FranceBackstage
Tuesday 18h September 2018Toulouse, FranceLes Pavilions Sauvages
Wednesday 19h September 2018Milan, ItalySpazio Ligera
Thursday 20h September 2018TBAKunstverein
Friday 21st September 2018Wermelskirchen, GermanyNRW Death Fest XV
Saturday 22nd September 2018Berlin, GermanyUrban Spree
Sunday 23rd September 2018Prague, Czechia007 Club * Just Spectral Voice (us)
Monday 24th September 2018Vienna, AustriaVenster * Just Spectral Voice (us)
Tuesday 25th September 2018Linz, AustriaKapu * Just Spectral Voice (us)
Wednesday 26th September 2018Budapest, HungaryDürer Kert w/ Vermin Womb (us) * Just Spectral Voice (us)
Thursday 27th September 2018Zagreb, Croatia,AKC Attack * Just Spectral Voice (us)
Friday 28th September 2018Koper, SloveniaCMK * Just Spectral Voice (us)
Saturday 29th September 2018Bülach, SwitzerlandGuss39 / Chaos Ritual Fest * Just Spectral Voice (us)

death metal
Spectral Voice:

Pissgrave (us) / Undergang (dk) • TBA Tour • 7th – 15th September 2018

Friday 7th Sept. 2018Copenhagen, DenmarkPumpehuset - Kill-Town Death Fest VI
Saturday 8th Sept. 2018Copenhagen, DenmarkPumpehuset - Kill-Town Death Fest VI
Sunday 9th Sept. 2018Copenhagen, DenmarkPumpehuset - Kill-Town Death Fest VI
Monday 10th Sept. 2018Helsingborg, SwedenRockbåten
Tuesday 11th Sept. 2018Oslo, NorwayRevolver
Wednesday 12th Sept. 2018Stockholm, SwedenPSB
Thursday 13th Sept. 2018Gothenburg, SwedenTruckstop Alaska
Friday 14th Sept. 2018Berlin, GermanyUrban Spree w/ Necrot (us)
Saturday 15th Sept. 2018Eindhoven, The NetherlandsEffenaar - Blodshed Fest

death metal

Slægt (dk) / Maggot Heart (de) • Secret Fires Tour • 4th – 12th October 2018

Thursday 4th Oct. 2018Copenhagen, DenmarkVega
Friday 5th Oct. 2018Kiel, GermanyAlte Meierei
Saturday 6th Oct. 2018Hamburg, GermanyBambi Galore
Sunday 7th Oct. 2018Göttingen, GermanyDots
Monday 8th Oct. 2018Dortmund, GermanyJunkyard
Tuesday 9th Oct. 2018Dresden, GermanyScheune
Wednesday 10th Oct. 2018Linz, AustriaKapu
Thursday 11th Oct. 2018Wien, AustriaArena
Friday 12th Oct. 2018Berlin, GermanyUrban Spree

blackened heavy metal
Maggot Heart:

Venenum (de) / Slægt (dk) • Europe in Trance pt. III Tour • 13th – 21st October 2018

Saturday 13th Oct. 2019Sczezcin, PolandK4 Club
Sunday 14th Oct. 2019Kaunas, LithuaniaLemmy Club
Monday 15th Oct. 2019Talinn, EstoniaBarbar
Tuesday 16th Oct. 2019Helsinki, FinlandOn the Rocks
Wendesday 17th Oct. 2019Stockholm, SwedenPSB
Thursday 18th Oct. 2019Dombås, NorwayTil Dovre Faller Fest
Friday 19th Oct. 2019Dombås, NorwayDay off
Saturday 20th Oct. 2019Malmø, SwedenPlan B
Sunday 21st Oct. 2019Gothenburg, SwedenThe Abyss

death metal / blackened heavy metal

Profanatica (us) supporting Watian (swe) & Rotting Christ (gr) • Trident´s Curse European Tour • 2nd- 25th November 2018 – booked by Cobra Agency

Friday 2nd Nov. 2018Copenhagen, DenmarkPumpehuset
Saturday 3rd Nov. 2018Leipzig, GermanyHellraiser
Sunday 4th Nov. 2018Warsaw, PolandProgresja
Monday 5th Nov. 2018Day off
Tuesday 6th Nov. 2018Prague, CzechiaMeet Factory
Wednesday 7th Nov. 2018Budapest, HungaryBarba Negra
Thursday 8th Nov. 2018Day off
Friday 9th Nov. 2018Munich, GermanyBackstage
Saturday 10th Nov. 2018Zug, SwitzerlandChollerhalle
Sunday 11th Nov. 2018Milan, ItalyLive Club
Monday 12th Nov. 2018Colmar, FranceLe Grillen
Tuesday 13th Nov. 2018Day off
Wednesday 14th Nov. 2018Barcelona, SpainRazzmatazz 2
Thursday 15th Nov. 2018Madrid, SpainChango Club
Friday 16th Nov. 2018Limoges, FranceCC John Lennon
Saturday 17th Nov. 2018Paris, FranceLe Trabendo
Sunday 18th Nov. 2018Lille, FranceTyrant Fest
Monday 19th Nov. 2018Day off
Tuesday 20th Nov. 2018Saarbrücken, GermanyGarage
Wednesday 21st Nov. 2018Mannheim, GermanyMS Connexion Complex
Thursday 22nd Nov. 2018Berlin, GermanyAstra
Friday 23rd Nov. 2018Antwerp, BelgiumTrix
Saturday 24th Nov. 2018Bochum, GermanyMatrix
Sunday 25th Nov. 2018Nijmegen, The NetherlandsDoornroosje

black metal

Black Oath (it) / Night Gaunt (it) • Path of Gloom Tour • 8th-17th February 2019

Friday 8th February 2019Lyon, FranceRock N'Eat Live
Saturday 9th February 2019Barcelona, SpainFreedonia
Sunday 10th February 2019Madrid, SpainTBA
Monday 11th February 2019Barakaldo, SpainTBA
Tuesday 12th February 2019Bordeaux, FranceTBA
Wednesday 13th February 2019Paris, FranceLe Klub
Thursday 14th February 2019Fontaine l'Evêque, BelgiumMCP Apache
Friday 15th February 2019GermanyShow needed!
Saturday 16th February 2019Salzburg, AustriaRockhouse Bar
Sunday 17th February 2019Erba (Milan), ItalyCentrale Rock Pub

doomh metal
Black Oath:
Night Gaunt:

Father Befouled (us) / Encoffination (us) • Holy Desolation Tour • 30th April-5th May 2019

Tuesday 30th April 2019Hamburg, GermanyBambi Galore
Wednesday 1st May 2019Brussels, BelgiumMagasin 4
Thursday 2nd May 2019London, UKBoston Music Room
Friday 3rd May 2019Paris, FranceGibus
Saturday 4th May 2019Tilburg, The Netherlands013 venue - Netherlands Death Fest

death metal
Father Befouled:

Krypts (fin) / Jupiterian (br) • Deathlike Hypnosis Tour • 1st-11th May 2019

Tuesday 30th April 2019Hamburg, GermanyBambi Galore w/ Father Befouled (us) + Encoffination (us)
Wednesday 1st May 2019Brussels, BelgiumMagasin 4 w/ Father Befouled (us) + Encoffination (us)
Thursday 2nd May 2019London, UKBoston Music Room w/ Father Befouled (us) + Encoffination (us)
Friday 3rd May 2019Paris, FranceBackstage w/ Father Befouled (us) + Encoffination (us)
Saturday 4th May 2019Tilburg, The NetherlandsNetherlands Death Fest VI @ 013 venue
Sunday 5th May 2019Freiburg, GermanySlow Club
Monday 6th May 2019Milan, ItalyCircolo Svolta
Tuesday 7th May 2019Zagreb, CroatiaAKC Attack
Wednesday 8th May 2019Prague, Czechia007 Club
Thursday 9th May 2019Leipzig, GermanyBandhaus Leipzig
Friday 10th May 2019Wroclaw, PolandTBA
Hoogeveen, The NetherlandsSaturday 11th May 2019Graveland Fest

death metal / sludge doom