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Tour announcement: “One Decade of Torment – Eight Days of Hell” w/ ANTICHRIST (Swe)!!!

Killtown Bookings is happy to announce the final routing for “One Decade of Torment – Eight Days of Hell” w/ ANTICHRIST (Swe)!!!

Sweden’s masters of thrash, Antichrist will hit the roads of Central Europe in June 2019!

The tour will be a short attack with just 8 dates based around performances at Black Silesia Open Air in Poland, Vulture’s release party in Hamburg and Der Detze Rockt Festival in Daun-Regen. Dates will be 8th – 15th June 2019!

Here is the final routing;
•Saturday 8th June 2019 – Byczyna, Poland – Black Silesia Open Air
•Sunday 9th June 2019 – Hamburg, Germany – Bambi Galore w/ Vulture (de)
•Monday 10th June 2019 – Leiden, The Netherlands – De Veste
•Tuesday 11th June 2019 – Paris, France – Le Klub
•Wednesday 12th June 2019 – London, UK – Nambucca
•Thursday 13th June 2019 – Zottegem, Belgium – Kafee Klosjar
•Friday 14th June 2019 – Daun-Regen, Germany – Der Detze Rockt Open Air
•Saturday 15th June 2019 – Leipzig, Germany – Goldhorn w/ Ocvlta (de)

Now booking: ESKHATON (aus) + ALTARAGE (es) – “Obliviiolence tour”!

Killtown Bookings is excited to announce the commencing of the booking for;
ESKHATON (aus) + ALTARAGE (es)“Obliviiolence tour”!

Australia’s Eskhaton will be teaming up with Spain´s Altarage to hit the roads of Europe for 11 shows based around Eskhaton’s performance at Brutal Assualt Fest in Czech Republic. Dates will be 7th – 21st August 2019!

Check out the bands here:

If you are interested in booking a show for this package please drop a line.

Now booking: IGNIVOMOUS (aus) + TCHORNOBOG (us) – “Vomiting Black Flame over Europe” tour!

Killtown Bookings is excited to announce the commencing of the booking for;
IGNIVOMOUS (aus) + TCHORNOBOG (us) – “Vomiting Black Flame over Europe” tour!

Australia’s Ignivomous returns to Europe for the first time in 10 years to perform at Kill-Town Death Fest VII teaming up with Portland’s Tchornobog who are heading over to Europe to perform this years Prophecy Fest. The tour will be the first ever European tour for Tchornobog, so don’t miss out on this rare occation to catch both bands on European soil!

Together these two great bands will hit the roads of Europe for a 2 week stretch from 30th August – 15th September 2019!

Check out the bands here:

If you are interested in booking a show for this package please drop a line.

Now booking: MALTHUSIAN (irl) + SUFFERING HOUR (us) “Deaths and Ascension Across Europe” 5th – 22nd September 2019!

Killtown Bookings is excited to announce that we will commence the booking of following tour:
MALTHUSIAN (irl) + SUFFERING HOUR (us) “Deaths and Ascension Across Europe” 5th – 22nd September 2019!

Ireland’s MALTHUSIAN teams up with SUFFERING HOUR from America to head out on a 2 ½ week tour based around their performances at Kill-Town Death Fest VII! Dates will be 5th – 22nd September 2019!

Malthusian released their much anticipated full-length “Across Deaths” back in 2018 via Dark Descent Records and Invictus Productions and Suffering Hour released their debut album “In Passing Ascension” through Blkood Harvest back in 2017 and will have a new 7” EP called “Dwell” out in time for the tour.

It will be Suffering Hour’s first time performing the European continent, so don’t miss out out on this rare opportunity to see them live in a city near you.

If you are interested in bringing this amazing package to your hometown, please drop a line. Please no Facebook or Messenger.

“Bestial Hymns Of Infinite Forms” tour w/ TOMB MOLD (can) / RITUAL NECROMANCY(us) / OF FEATHER AND BONE (us)!

Killtown Bookings is proud to announce the commencing of the booking of the “Bestial Hymns Of Infinite Forms” tour w/ TOMB MOLD (can) / RITUAL NECROMANCY(us) / OF FEATHER AND BONE (us)!

3 of North Americas finest underground death metal bands will be hitting the roads of Europe in September 2019! The tour is based around their performances at this years’s Kill-Town Death Fest i Denmark and Bloodshed Festival in The Netherlands.

It will be the first ever European tour for Tomb Mold and the second run for both Ritual Necromancy and Of Feather and Bone. Don’t miss out on this rare opportunity to see some top class Northmerican underground death metal on the road in Europe!

If you are interested in bringing this amazing package to your hometown please drop a line.

Tour announcement: final routing for KETZER (de) + SLÆGT (dk) – “Black Bombs and Storm Clouds” European tour 12th – 27th April 2019

Killtown Bookings is proud to present the final routing for;
KETZER (de) + SLÆGT (dk) – “Black Bombs and Storm Clouds” European tour 12th – 27th April 2019

Two of Europe´s finest young outfits that both challenge the conventional approach to metal by bending and crossing genres will team up for a 2 week European tour in April 2019!

Each band will have new releases out for this tour and will be performing their new material. Ketzer will be promoting their 4th full length ; “Cloud Collider” via Metal Blade Records. Slægt just released their 3rd full-length “The Wheel” through Ván Records to much praise from the international metal press. From the same recording session they will be releasing a 7″ EP entitled “Black Bombs” that will be available at the shows.

Come check out this great package here;
Thursday 11th April – Tilburg, The Netherlands – Het Patrionaat / Roadburn Festival * Just Slægt
Friday 12th April – Oberhausen, Germany – Helvete
Saturday 13th April – Nottingham, UK – Angel Microbrewery
Sunday 14th April – London, UK – Nambucca
Monday 15th April – Paris, France – Le Klub
Tuesday 16th April – Zottegem, Belgium – Kaffe Marboel
Wednesday 17th April – Olten, Switzerland – Coq d´Or
Thursday 18th April – Wörgl, Austria – Komma
Friday 19th April – Milan, Italy – Blue Rose Saloon
Saturday 20th April – Parma, Italy – Zu Club
Sunday 21st April – Slovenia – Show needed!
Monday 22nd April – Budapest, Austria – Dürer Kert w/ Midnight (us)
Tuesday 23rd April – Vienna, Austria – Viper Room
Wednesday 24th April – Nuremberg, Germany – Roter Salon
Thursday 25th April – Kassel, Germany – Goldgrube
Friday 26th April – Hamburg, Germany – Bambi Galore w/ Ultha (de) + Vanum (us)
Saturday 27th April – Berlin, Germany – Urban Spree w/ Occvlta (de)

Check out the bands here:

See you out there on the roads of Europe soon!

Tour announcement: final routing for “ACROSS THE NORTHERN VOID” w/ DEATHCULT (ch) + LUCIFERICON (nl)!!!

Killtown Bookings is proud to announce the final routing of the following tour:

Almost a decade ago DEATHCULT of Switzerland and LUCIFERICON from the Netherlands was formed. Parallel to each other they’ve both been operating in the same pitch black environments to develop and refine their art. Now, time has finally come for their paths to cross as they form an unholy coalition with one shared goal – to defile new territories and spread their message of death and decay.
During the spring of 2019 they will head out on a crusade across the northern parts of Europe, penetrating and destroying the minds of all standing in the way with their blackened chants of death metal.
The planned route stretches across Scandinavia, the Baltics and the northern parts of central Europe and it presents some exclusive live opportunities as it contains countries in which the bands has not yet played in.

Dates will be 29th March – 10th April 2019

· Friday 29th March: Berlin, Germany – Zukunft
· Saturday 30th March: Prague, Czech Republic – Eternia Smichov
· Sunday 31st March: Lodz, Poland – Magnetofon
· Monday 1st April: Kaunas, Lithuania – Lemmy Club
· Tuesday 2nd April: Riga, Latvia – Bars Republika
· Wednesday 3rd April: Helsinki, Finland – Lepakkomies Baari
· Thursday 4th April: Stockholm, Sweden – Pub Anchor
· Friday 5th April: Oslo, Norway – Blitz
· Saturday 6th April: Gothenburg, Sweden – Truckstop Alaska
· Sunday 7th April: Helsingborg, Sweden – Rockbåten
· Monday 8th April: Hamburg, Germany – Rote Flora
· Tuesday 9th April: Leiden, The Netherlands – Studio De Veste
· Wednesday 10th April: Gent, Belgium – Jeugdhuis Asgaard

Be sure not to miss this extraordinary event and remember that in times of turmoil, only death is real!


Tour announcement: KRYPTS (fin) + JUPITERIAN (br) – “Deathlike Hypnosys Tour” May 2019!

Killtown Bookings presents the final routing for;
KRYPTS (fin) + JUPITERIAN (br) – “Deathlike Hypnosys Tour” May 2019!

For the second time one of Finlands greatest contemporary death metal bands, KRYPTS team up with Brazilian sludgy doom/death outfit JUPITERIAN for a 12 day wreckage tour through central and east Europe. For the first 5 shows they will be playing alongside FATHER BEFOULED (us) and ENCOFFINATION (us) performing their first ever European shows culminating in appearances at Netherlands Death Fest! Kypts and Jupiterian will end their tour with performances at Into the Abyss Fest in Poland on Friday 10th and Graveland Fest in The Netherlands on Saturday 11th May 2019.

Here is the final routing:
-Tuesday 30th April 2019 – Hamburg, Germany – Bambi Galore w/ Father Befouled (us) + Encoffination (us)
-Wednesday 1st May 2019 – Brussels, Belgium – Magasin 4 w/ Father Befouled (us) + Encoffination (us)
-Thursday 2nd May 2019 – London, UK – Boston Music Room w/ Father Befouled (us) + Encoffination (us)
-Friday 3rd May 2019 – Paris, France – Backstage w/ Father Befouled (us) + Encoffination (us)
-Saturday 4th May 2019 – Tilburg, The Netherlands – Netherlands Death Fest VI @ 013 venue
-Sunday 5th May 2019 – Freiburg, Germany – Slow Club
-Monday 6th May 2019 – Milan, Italy – Circolo Svolta
-Tuesday 7th May 2019 – Zagreb, Croatia – Močvara
-Wednesday 8th May 2019 – Prague, Czechia – 007 Club
-Thursday 9th May 2019 – Leipzig, Germany – Bandhaus Leipzig
-Friday 10th May 2019 – Wroclaw, Poland – Into the Abyss Festival – Hoogeveen, The Netherlands
-Saturday 11th May 2019 – Graveland Fest – Hoogeveen, The Netherlands

We hope to see you on the road!

Black Oath (it) + Night Gaunt (it) “Path of Gloom” Tour 2019!

Killtown Bookings presents the final routing for:
Black Oath (it) + Night Gaunt (it) “Path of Gloom” Tour 2019!

Two of north Italy´s finest doom metal outfits join forces for a European tour spanning from 8th – 17th February 2019.

Following the tradition of the Italian dark sound with bands like Black Hole, Epitaph, Paul Chain, Abysmal Grief etc this package will set out on the European roads to preach the gospel of doom!

Here is the final routing:
Friday 8th February 2019 – Lyon, France – Rock N’Eat Live
Saturday 9th February 2019 – Barcelona, Spain – Freedonia
Sunday 10th February 2019 – Madrid, Spain – Wurlitzer Ballroom
Monday 11th February 2019 – Zaragoza, Spain – Utopia
Tuesday 12th February 2019 – Toulouse, France – Les Pavillons Sauvages
Wednesday 13th February 2019 – Paris, France – Le Klub
Thursday 14th February 2019 – Fontaine l’Evêque, Belgium – MCP Apache
Friday 15th February 2019 – Göppingen, Germany – Gaststätte Zille
Saturday 16th February 2019 – Salzburg, Austria – Rockhouse Bar
Sunday 17th February 2019 – Erba (Milan), Italy – Centrale Rock Pub

Be sure not to miss out on this great package when it hits the roads of Europe!

KTB 2018 end of the year rant

So now it’s time for my yearly “end of the year rant” about Killtown Bookings (KTB). Indeed, 2018 was a good and productive year for Killtown Bookings. Aside from KTB’s longstanding tradition of tour booking, 2018 was the year which saw the resurrection of the Kill-Town Death Fest in collaboration with the “Undergrundsmusikkens Fremme” association, the opening of my first office (which sadly had to be closed down aswell) and last but not least the year in which I welcomed my first intern. Prepare yourself for a long rant…

2018 saw Killtown Bookings book and handle 15 international tours and 13 local shows. In total 237 shows– equivalent to more than 1 show every second day! 3 out of the 15 tours where booked by my partner Andrea from Killtown Bookings Belgium while the remaining 12 were handled by myself. I tour-managed and drove 8 of the 15 tours myself, cascading through thousands of kilometres of European highways with 130+ days spent on the road. Although the level of local shows dropped drastically compared to my activities the previous years, I still aim to bring the best underground music to Copenhagen. Overall this has been a great and productive year for Killtown Bookings and Im proud of me and Andrea´s accomplishments.
This, of course, would not have been possible without the friendship, the support and the collaboration of all the promoters and bands we work with. I would like to extend my gratitude to all of you – it has been an absolute pleasure to work with you all and I am looking forward to what 2019 will bring us! Last but not least, I would like to give a shout out to all of you who came to the shows and supported the amazing bands I had the pleasure to work with.

One of my personal highlights of the year was the “Curling Flames over Europe” tour with Profanatica (us), Rites of thy Degringolade (can) and Auroch (can) opening a new collaboration with Profanatica and Paul Ledney. This collaboration later lead KTB to work with them on coming back to Europe to support Watain on their latest November tour “The Trident’s Curse”. As I’m writing this we are already planning future projects. The tour was mainly made possible throuh my collaboration and friendship with Sebastian and Shawn from Auroch and The Covenant Festival in Vancouver, Canada. Great guys fighting the noble cause of the underground and keeping the metal banner high. Another highlight of the year was the return of our Los Angeles based partners in crime, Sadistic Intent. For the first time in their longlasting history, Sadistic Intent did a summer festival Euro tour called “Death Metal Darkness over Europe”. The tour brought them to Brutal Assault (cz), Party San (de), Motocultor (fr), Metal Mean (be) and Frantic Fest (it) plus club shows with Cannibal Corpse (usa), Grave Miasma (uk) and a planned show with Coffins (jp) which unfortunately had to be cancelled due to a hurricane cancelling their flight to Europe!
Furthermore, 2018 also amounted to two tours with Venenum (de) and Slægt (dk) as a part of their “Europe in Trance” tour series which started back in 2017 with the successful Venenum and Reveal (swe) tour. Both 2018 tours were great experiences, bringing together the best guys on the road. In August, my favourite Denver crew came over and camped out in my office for no less than 2 months. August focused on a Blood Incantation festival run with successful performances at Brutal Assault (cz), PartySan (de), Void Fest (de), Helsinki Death Fest (fin), Beyond the Gates (no) and ending with an epic performance at Kill-Town Death Fest! September was dedicated to Spectral Voice, which after their performance at KTDF hit the road with Demilich for “The Putrefying Road of the Fifteen Corridors”, a 3 weeks run throughout central Europe. While Demilich were only on the road for the first 2 weeks it was an absolutely fantastic tour which had the pleasure of hitting Bloodshed Fest and NRW Death Fest! Finally, the year ended for me with a small run with Slægt which performed an epic show at Eindhoven Metal Meeting 2 weeks ago.

In April, I had the pleasure of welcoming my first intern. I was approached by Michaela in 2017, whom I had met on previous occasions in Stockholm where she was working for the Pussy A-Go-Go collective as an assistant. She currently studies music management and event coordination and had decided that she wanted to do her internship with me, something I think is really cool since she could have chosen to do it with a much bigger company. During her time with me, which spanned for about 6 weeks, she was broadly introduced to the field of tour booking and management. She was responsible for the preproduction for the Degial (swe) + Taphos (dk) tour in May which she also joined as a tour manager assistant and merch seller. The whole internship was a good experience for both of us (at least to my knowledge…) and has led us to working together on another project – a tour in April 2019 with Deathcult (ch) + Lucifericon (nl) – as part of her final exam project.

Michaela´s internship coincided with the opening of my office above the Copenhagen venue KB18 in late April. I had the office space offered already back in late 2016, but since the room was in such a bad shape it required a lot of renovation. Something I didn’t get started on until December 2017, being on the road for several months in the winter, I wasn’t able to open the office space before April 2018. The office was a perfect space which had two working stations so that Michaela had her own spot too. It also had a meeting area and a small tea-kitchen (with a Marshall fridge!) and the KTB logo painted on the wall by my friend Lærke (thanks!). Unfortunately shortly after I had opened the office, I was told that the contract of the building hadn’t been renewed by the city council and that the premises had to be evicted by November 1st. This also meant that Copenhagen lost one of its fine venues: KB18 which had been a long-time partner for the booking and the co-hosting of KTB shows. Not only a huge blow to KTB and me, but also to Copenhagen who lost another venue that took chances on smaller bands and hosted events that most other commercial venues didn’t take. The office was a great experience, but unfortunately way too short, therefore I’m currenly looking to find a new space – which so far has not been an easy task… Nevertheless, I will keep searching until another perfect spot turns up!

2018 was also a good and busy year for Slægt – the young handsome Danish quartet I manage. 48 shows in total spread throughout the year. Slægt is storming forward both nationally and internationally. In terms of national recognition they were nominated for two prestigious awards – none of them they won unfortunately, but still a sign that things are moving in the right direction and that their music is reaching a broader audience. The highlight of the year for Slægt was their performance at the Roskilde Festival in July – the biggest festival in Denmark and in all of Northern Europe. They were also invited to play Spot festival in Aarhus, a music industry festival where important people pad each other on the shoulders. Instead of mingling with music industry hot shots Slægt got wasted, puked and trashed the drums before fucking off… Internationally Slægt did three full tours and a mini tour in 2018 – 2 tours with Venenum (de) and one tour with Maggot Heart (swe/de) beside the before-mentioned trip to Eindhoven Metal Meeting. They also played the PartySan Open Air Warm up show in Weimar in May. 2018 was also the year where Slægt released their third full-length entitled “The Wheel” via Ván Records to much praise from the international metal media winning them a 1st place in Deaf Forever’s album of the month section with top reviews. Slægt will continue to storm forward in 2019 with a performance scheduled in January for the National Radio as part of a sold out 1200 cap “P6 Beat Rocker” show in the prestigious Koncerthuset which will give them airplay on the national radio. There is also 2 tours planned already – one with Ketzer (de) and one with Taphos (dk) along with a number of high profile national and international festival appearances confirmed already. April 5th 2019 will mark the day of yet another release from Slægt when they release the “Black Bombs” 7” EP. To say that Im proud of these guys and their accomplishments in 2018 is an understatement.

Of course, another personal highlight of the year for me was the much anticipated resurrection of Kill-Town Death Fest. It had been in the making for quite some time, but “The Resurrection” was unveiled to world on January 1st 2018. Presale started 10 days later with the announcement of the first band: Demilich! We wanted to try a new approach by announcing one band per day with an individual presentation, a KTDF 2018 picture frame along with links to Bandcamp, Facebook etc. in order to get as much attention as possible towards each of of the bands booked. The campaign worked better than anticipated resulting in the festival selling out in around 3 weeks time. The first time KTDF ever sold out! “The Resurrection” was moved from Ungdomshuset to the Pumpehuset venue in the centre of Copenhagen. It was a great experience working together with the venue and its staff making this festival come to life. Since they are the sweetest and most accommodating people to work with they made this a very pleasant experience. For the festival itself we booked 37 international bands with a focus on the new wave of old school death metal bands emerging from North America and aimed at presenting what in our opinion is the cream of the crop of contemporary international death metal. The line-up turned out much better than first anticipated and probably ended up being one of the best we have done so far. In the Association “Undergrundsmusikkens Fremme” we introduced two new powerhouses, the twins Katrine and Ida who handled the volunteer coordination and the majority of the logistics of the festival. Their effort and contribution to the festival was unparalleled and we could not have done it without them. As you can imagine it is a lot of work making such a festival, so when it comes to life, it is a big deal that everything runs smoothly and perfectly – and in the end it did. Everything worked out well besides Mortem not making it over the pond, something out of our control unfortunately. In my experience KTDF 2018 was a huge success and a very positive experience with an overwhelming amount of good feedback from the bands and attendees. At the same time, it was a very busy period for KTB with no less than 5 tours going around the festival – some more demanding than others, but all in all every tour were a success.

2018 is now over, but for Killtown Bookings we are of course one step ahead and have planned a series of tours and events for you in 2019 already. The scheduled tours can be seen here on this website where you can also find the latest news and updates on our activities.

We are looking forward to another busy year ahead of us and to see all of you out there on the road. 2019 might start out as good as 2018 did – only time will tell…

Daniel A//E

KTB tours 2018:
-Execration (n) + Reptilian (n) – “Return to the Void” – 18th – 28th January 2018
-Venenum (de) + Slægt (dk) – “Europe in Trance part II: UK / South Europe” – 9th – 25th Feb. 2018
-Profanatica (us) + Rites of thy Degringolade (can) + Auroch (can) – “Curling Flames over Europe” – 1st – 26th March 2018
-Arkhon Infaustus (fr) + Demonomancy (it) – “Evropa Unlight” 22 March – 6th April 2018
-Degial (swe) + Taphos (dk) – 2nd – 20th May 2018
-Bongzilla (us) / Dopethrone (can) / Sons of Otis (can) – 4th-11th July 2018
-Blood Incantation (us) – festival run 8th August- 9th September 2018
-Sadistic Intent (us) – “Death Metal Darkness Across Europe” – 8th – 19th Aug. 2018
-Incantation (us) – “Siege of the Profane Tour 2018” 30th August – 9th September 2018
-Necrowretch (fr) + Cemetery Urn (aus) “Burial Procession of Evropa” 6th – 21st September 2018
-Pissgrave (us) + Undergang (dk) – “North European Nauseation tour” 7th – 15th September 2018
-Demilich (fin) + Spectral Voice (us) –10th – 29th September 2018
-Slægt (dk) + Maggot Heart (swe/de) – “Secret Fires” tour 4th – 12th Oct. 2018
-Venenum (de) + Slægt (dk) “Europe in Trance part III – Scandinavia/Baltics” 13th – 21st October 2018
-Profanatica (us) supporting Watain (swe) “The Tridents Curse” 2nd – 25th Nov. 2018

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