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Support announced for NEUROSIS show in Copenhagen/The Grey Hall June 25th!

Killtown Bookings is proud to announce the two support acts that will open for NEUROSIS at their Copenhagen show in June. Its with great pleasure we can announce that the supporting acts will be no other than DARK BUDDHA RISING from Finland and EVOKEN from the US!

Dark Buddha Rising will be following Neurosis on the Scandinavian leg of the tour and just recently played a great show at the Heavy Days In Doomtown Festival here in Copenhagen. If you missed them, don’t miss them again, cause you will be in for a treat! Half performance/half drone/doom at its best!

As an extra treat for all you freaks and fans of the slow and heavy, Killtown Bookings have made sure that long time masters and pioneers of New Jersey Doom/Death, EVOKEN will make their first ever performance in Denmark on this night! EVOKEN will be touring around their performance at Hellfest in France and to support their new album “Altra Mors” out on Profound Lore.
Don’t miss this opportunity to see all these great bands in one night!

More info:

Dark Buddha Rising performs the black arts of psychedelia, which manifests in hypnotic crushing riffs and lysergic passages that erupt in order to descent deeper into the abyss.

“Disturbing, theatrical and downright scary performance I’ve ever witnessed at this festival”. (Roadburn 2012)

“The soundscape of unparalleled uniqueness as well as the astounding stage presence created a atmosphere that gave goose bumps to everyone present”.
(Dark Bombastic Festival 2012)

* I (Self Released 2007)
* Ritual IX (Post-RBMM 2008)
* Entheomorphosis (Post-RBMM 2009)
* Abyssolute Transfinite (Post-RBMM 2011)

EVOKEN (us) – Profound Lore records
Evoken, a New Jersey extreme doom band, was formed in 1992 by guitarist Nick Orlando and drummer Vince Verkay. Now considered one of the purveyors of the funeral doom/death genre by fans and media alike, Evoken continue to increase their fan-base with each subsequent release, with each album release considered an “event” within the genre. Since 1992, Evoken have slowly built a cataloge of releases. Each release considered a milestone within the Funeral Doom/Death genre. Since 1992, Evoken have released 5 full-length albums, 2 EPS, and contributed to 2 tribute albums. Evoken’s 5 full-length albums have been unleashed upon the world courtesy of Elegy Records, Avantgarde Music, Peaceville Records, I Hate Records, and the latest via Profound Lore Records; vinyl versions released via Displeased Records, Solitude Productions, l Hate Records and Kreation Records.

July 2012 came the new release “Atra Mors”, the band’s 5th full-length album. Released via Profound Lore Records, which also celebrated its 100th milestone release with “Atra Mors”, was by all means no coincidence. To date, “Atra Mors” has seen the highest praise from both fans and media alike, selling out its first pressing in under one month, and a second pressing plus vinyl version coming in January 2013.

Evoken have been featured in Metal Magazines such as Terrorizer Magazine, Decibel Magazine, Metal Maniacs, Metal Hammer UK, among countless others. Recently, the album “Atra Mors” has been named number 3 album of the year for Decibel Magazine’s Top 40 albums of 2012.

Evoken have completed 2 tours of Europe: the first European tour taking place in 2003 covering 4 countries on a mini-tour, and the 2nd, more extensive tour taking place in 2009, covering numerous countries (ie Holland, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Finland, among others). Shows have also taken place in Canada and numerous shows within the United States with bands such as Watain, The Devil’s Blood, Behemoth, My Dying Bride, Arch Enemy, Enslaved, Winter, and MANY others. The most notable being 2011 edition of Roadburn Festival. This after being invited personally in 2010 by Celtic Frost/Triptykon mastermind Tom G Warrior, in which the band was grounded due to the eruption of volcano Eyjafjallajokull in Iceland.

2013 sees even greater events on the horizon. Evoken will be a part of 2013 edition of the Maryland Deathfest, as well as the 100th edition celebration for Decibel Magazine, which Evoken were hand picked for. Evoken will also be a part of Heavy T.O in Toronto; Canada’s largest metal festival. There are even larger events in store for Evoken, With a US/European tour in the Works in support of “Atra Mors”, only showing that Evoken and their fan base continue to grow with each dusk.

JEX THOTH (us) + SHIVAS NAT (dk) – Loppen, Christiania 31st May

Killtown Bookings and Loppen presents:
-occult rock
-retro rock

Friday 31st May
21.00 100 kr.
Loppen, Christiania

jex thoth månesol-YES_web

Statement from Killtown Bookings concerning the cancellation of GRAVES AT SEA at ”Alerta Antifascista Death Fest” in Hannover:

After over a week of attempting to communicate with the promoter from ”Alerta Antifascista Death Fest” and trying to work out a resolution to his concerns about a band member pictured (in 2005) wearing a shirt of the band “Nachtmystium”; It has today come to an unfortunate and drastic cancellation and public slandering of Graves at Sea.

We are shocked by this, and extremely upset about the way this has been handled! The promoter writes in his statement that Graves at Sea “… obviously support or like NSBM Bands”. What the fuck?!?!?!? Where does this guy get his information, and who the fuck does he think he is making such unfounded and baseless accusations? On top of which, making them public?!

We have been trying to have constructive dialogue with this guy, but without any luck what so ever. The promoter asked for statements from the band and management, which were readily and willingly provided. After having received said statements from both parties, denouncing being a political band nor having any sympathies for rightwing or NSBM bands – He refuses to acknowledge this, or use those statements in the formation of his opinion. We cannot comprehend the absurdity of his accusations and his terribly unprofessional handling of this matter! It deeply offends and shocks us.

The fact that he chose to cancel 1 day before the band arrives in Europe, shows his complete lack of research into this matter. This is the first European Graves at Sea tour ever and after months and months of planning, it is clear that the promoter could have looked into the band´s lyrics, covers, record label etc. But apparently, a t-shirt found on an 8 year old photo was enough for this so called “1000% anti-fascist”.

*Killtown Bookings does not work with fascist bands, or any bands affiliating with the rightwing in any way! We can 100% vouch for Graves at Sea, and we want to strongly underline that the members of this band are NOT fascist in any way.*

With the release of this statement, we are hoping to aid in the dismantling of the ridiculous accusations placed upon Graves At Sea by this promoter. We would like to encourage people to continue to support this band on their forthcoming European tour, and not to be persuaded by unfounded propaganda spit forth by this individual.

Daniel & Nikolaj // Killtown Bookings