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Necrowretch (fr) / Morbus Chron (swe) • Winter mini-tour 22nd – 29th March 2014

Killtown Bookings are proud to present two of the finest up-coming Old School Death Metal bands from the Century Media roster; French Necrowretch and Swedish Morbus Chron. Both these bands have never really toured before except one off shows and festival appearances, so this will be a rare opportunity to see these two bands live. The tour will only be 8 exclusive shows traveling from the homeland of Morbus Chron, Sweden down to France – the home of Necrowretch.

The booking has begun, but please get in touch if you are interested in booking a show for this package in your home town (please look at suggested routing before writing us…).

Contact Daniel at Killtown Bookings:

22nd March Stockholm, Sweden, Pussy A-Go-Go
23rd March Oslo, Norway, Show needed!
24th March Copenhagen, Denmark, TBA
25th March Berlin, Germany, Show needed!
26th March Hamburg, Germany, Show needed!
27th March Groningen, The Netherlands, TBA
28th March Brussels, Belgium, DNA Club
29th March Strassbourg, France, TBA

More info:

Necrowretch (fr) – Century Media Records
Necrowretch is a French Death metal band from Valence, Rhône-Alpes; formed in 2008. After recording demos through Skeleton Plague Records, Aural Offerings Records, and releasing 2 EP’s through Detest Records; Necrowretch signed to Century Media Records on 6th Februaruy 2012. Their first studio album, “Putrid Death Sorcery” was released through Century Media Records on 28 January 2013 to positive reviews. Necrowretch released “Bestial Rites”, a compilation of the band’s previous demo and EP material, on 21 October in Europe and 26 October in North America through Century Media Records.

Morbus Chron (swe)- Century Media Records
Morbus Chron is a Death Metal band from Stockholm, Sweden. Since their birth, the band has succesfully invoked the true spirit of the old masters. They’re currently finishing up their sophomore album which surely will add another dimension to their brand of metal. For fans of Autopsy, Death and Entombed.