Killtown Bookings

Two of the upcoming tours finally fully announced with all dates!

PROCESSION (chile/swe/dk) / DREAD SOVEREIGN (irl)
“All Hell´s Reapers” European Tour 2014 – 31st Oct.- 13th Nov. 2014

29th October, Copenhagen, Denmark, KB18 (just Procession)
30th October, Oslo, Norway, Pokalen – Oslo World Music Festival with Witchtrap (col) (just Procession)
31st October, Rotterdam, The Netherlands, Dutch Doom Days – Baroeg
1st November, Bruxelles, Belgium, DNA Club
2nd November, Bordeaux, France, Heretic Club
3rd November , Zaragoza, Spain, Sala Utopia
4th November, Barcelona, Spain, Rocksound Music Bar
5th November, Luynes / Aix, France, Le Korigan
6th November, Olten, Switzerland, Coq D´Or
7th November, Brescia, Italy, Lokomotiv
8th November, Vienna, Austria, Doom Over Vienna – Viper Room
9th November, Budapest, Hungary, Trafik Klub
10th November, Bucharest, Romania, Music Club
11th November, Kosice, Slovakia, Colloseum Club
12th November, Szczecin, Poland, Alter Ego
13th November, Berlin, Germany, Cortina Bob



“Mini-tour 2014″ – 12th – 15th Nov. 2014

12th November, Copenhagen, Denmark, Stengade
13th November, Potsdam, Germany, Black Fleck
14th November, Hamburg, Germany, Bambi Galore
15th November, Kassel, Germany, K19 – Kassel Death Fest w/ Master (us) / Entrapment (nl) plus more