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Tour announcement: Degial (swe) and Vorum (fin) “Savage Mutiny Across Europe” open for booking!

Killtown Bookings is proud to present:
Two of the best Scandinavian underground Death Metal bands team up for a 16 day tour that will leave a trail of death and destruction across Europe!

DEGIAL (swe) and VORUM (fin) will embark on their much anticipated tour “Savage Mutiny Across Europe” from May 27th to June 11th 2016!

In December 2015 Swedish DEGIAL released their follow-up album to their highly acclaimed debut album “Deaths Striking Wings”. The album released by Sepulchral Voice Records is called “Savage Mutiny” and has already received great reviews from the press. Degial’s raw and uncompromising approach to death metal is what makes this so fucking good! No trends found here – just death´s metal as it was intended. In May/June they will hit the roads of Europe to promote their new release!

Joining them on tour is Ålands finest death metal outfit; VORUM! Vorum are label mates on Sepulchral Voice Records who released their second full length “Current Mouth” in May 2015 which was followed by a European tour with fellow Finn´s Maveth organised by Killtown Bookings.

Both bands will perform at Live Evil Berlin and Temples Fest in Bristol as part of the forthcoming tour.

If you are interested in bringing this great package to your city, please get in touch with More info and tour updates on this website under “tours”.



DEGIAL (swe) – Sepulchral Voice Records
DEGIAL from Uppsala, Sweden is an upcoming blackened death metal outfit part of the infamous “Uppsala Metal ov Death” club. Their 2012 debut album “Death´s striking Wings” in 2012 on Sepulchral Voice Records (Necros Christos, Grave Miasma) established them in the metal underground. Now in 2015 they have released the follow up; “Savage Mutany” also on Sepulchral Voice. Their music can best be described as dark occult blackened Death Metal with lyrical themes about death, chaos and blasphemy.


VORUM (fin) – Sepulchral Voice Records
VORUM, who hail from Åland, Finland, is a band dedicated to spreading the treacherous and mad gospel of Death’s Metal. After the release of their acclaimed debut full length “Poisoned Void” (Woodcut Records) in 2013 the band followed this up with the MLP “Current Mouth” on Sepulchral Voice which firmly has gripped a chokehold on listeners scince its release in 2015.