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Tour announcement: SADISTIC INTENT (us) + DEHUMAN (be) “Death is coming to Europe Tour” December 9th 2016 to January 6th 2017 OPEN FOR BOOKING!

Killtown Bookings proudly presents:
The return of one of the most raw and evil sounding death metal bands spawned on this black earth!

SADISTIC INTENT (us) + DEHUMAN (be) “Death is coming to Europe Tour” December 9th 2016 to January 6th 2017!!!

Sadistic Intent will be promoting the coming split release with PENTACLE (nl) titled “Invocations Of The Death Ridden” which will be out on Iron Pegasus records.

The tour is open for bookings, so if you are interested in bringing this great package to your local area, please get in touch with Daniel or Andrea: /

Sadistic Intent serves on a cold plate putrid and evil Death metal since their inception in 1987. Run by the Cortez brothers Sadistic Intent has shown no compromise for almost 30 years with classic releases such as the ‘Resurrection’ and ‘Ancient Black Earth’ EPs. Throughout their numerous shows and tours around the world they have proven to be one of the most prominent Death metal bands.
Dehuman from Belgium revives the best fast and aggressive 90’s death metal straight and without compromise. With the release of their second record in 2015 they proved to be one of the most reliable and prominent death metal acts hailing from Belgium having brought their music throughout Europe and the Americas with numerous shows and tours.

Both bands are excited to announce this new collaboration with Killtown Bookings for one of their most extensive tours of their respective careers. No rest for the wicked!

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More Info:
SADISTIC INTENT (us) – Iron Pegasus records

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Sadistic Intent is a Death Metal horde hailing from Los Angeles, CA which was formed in the fall of 1987. Taking influence by the original Death/Black Metal groups such as Slayer, Possessed, Dark Angel, Destruction, Venom, Sodom, Celtic Frost and so forth. At a time when Death/Black Metal was no longer popular as it was in the mid 80’s, Sadistic Intent were one of the handful of groups in the United States raising the flag of Death Metal! After a couple of rehearsal tapes and demos the band earned a name for itself in the international underground scene and decided to sign with Wild Rags Records. In 1990 the “Impending Doom” EP was released and a few tours followed in Mexico as well as the States! In 1991 Sadistic Intent self released a 7” EP titled “A Calm before the Storm” and split shortly after.

In 1994 the Cortez brothers brought back Sadistic Intent from the dead with the properly titled “Resurrection” MCD the first recording in which Bassist Bay Cortez would also handle the vocal. The band kept busy on the live West Coast circuit especially in Los Angeles now being recognized as a headlining act upon the local scene. In 1995 Sadistic Intent released a demo titled “Ancient Black Earth” reprinted in 1996 the same year they were featured on a successful tribute to Celtic Frost.

In 1998 the band released a split 7” EP with a German Black Metal group called Ungod through Merciless Records (Ger.). In 1999 Sadistic Intent recorded a song for a tribute to California’s legendary Possessed on which Jeff Becerra, original Possessed front man is actually featured on vocals! That same year the band recorded for yet another Dwell Records tribute, this time for L.A.’s own Slayer which literally introduced Sadistic Intent to thousands of “slaytanic” fans!

In 2007, Jeff Becerra would eventually ask the Cortez brothers to help reform Possessed. Sadistic Intent would tour as Possessed with Jeff Becerra on vocals from 2007 to 2010.In 2014 Sadistic Intent released Reawakening Horrid Thoughts, a 12-inch laser-etched EP through Iron Pegasus Records.

Throughout the years, Sadistic Intent has toured in various countries around the world such as Norway, Brazil, Finland, Mexico, Germany, Chile, Holland, Italy, Switzerland, Denmark, Greece, Belgium, Australia, Singapore, and USA.

1988 – Rehearsal ’88 (Demo)
1989 – Conflict Within (Demo)
1990 – Impending Doom…(EP)
1991 – A Calm Before the Storm (Single)
1993 – Live at the Deathcave (Demo)
1994 – Resurrection (EP)
1997 – Ancient Black Earth (EP)
1998 – Eternal Darkness / Phallus Cult (Split)
2000 – Resurrection of the Ancient Black Earth (Compilation)
2002 – Morbid Faith (EP)
2007 – Ancient Black Earth (Compilation)
2014 – Reawakening Horrid Thoughts (EP)

DEHUMAN (be) – Kaotoxin records


DEHUMAN was aborted with success in October 2006 into the filth of Brussels.

In 2011, a second intervention perverted once and for all the creature composed of the following deformed limbs: Andrea V. (bass / vocals); Laye L. (Drums); Rafael S. (Guitars) and Mathias B. (Guitars)

The first regurgitation “Black Throne of all Creation” appeared in 2012 released on compact disc by Kaotoxin and on black LP record by Tanquam Aegri Somnia, followed by a French and European tour with AGATHOCLES, a European and Balkan tour invited by MASTER, seventy shows spitted at the face of what remains of REAL violent and brutal death-metal amateurs still alive in this putrid abyss, headlining or supporting BELPHEGOR, ABORTED, ENTHRONED, POSSESSED, SEVERE TORTURE, MACABRE, UNLEASHED, DEATH (to all), LENG T’CHE, DEAD CONGREGATION.

The next noise deflagration “Graveyard of Eden” produced by Phorgath of Enthroned and Mixed by F. Castes, Studio Sainte Marthe, Paris (Arkhon Infaustus, Kickback) was released in March 2015 through KAOTOXIN records.

Since then DEHUMAN headlined a south European tour in April 2015 and joined forces with VITAL REMAINS for the “Anthology of Evil” 2015 European summer tour. DEHUMAN hit the road once more with JIG AI for 3 exclusive shows and festival in the UK, Netherlands and France followed by another tour in France and Spain. In November 2015, DEHUMAN flew over in Brazil, headlining a local package and sharing the stage with bands such as VADER, ONSLAUGHT. March on with the legions of Death!!!

2007 – Dehuman (demo)
2012 – Black Throne of all Creation (Album)
2015 – Graveyard of Eden (Album)

CASTLE (us) announced for DESERT FEST BELGIUM!

CASTLE (us) announced for DESERT FEST BELGIUM alongside great bands such as Yob, Pentagram, Cough etc.

If you are interested in booking a show for CASTLE on their forthcoming “The Gods are Doomed” European tour in October please get in touch with

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