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DØDHEIMSGARD (n) and DISKORD (n) “A Shadow Over Europe” from 18th – 25th June!

Press release:
Killtown Bookings is proud to present the dates and final routing for the forthcoming tour with DØDHEIMSGARD (n) and DISKORD (n) “A Shadow Over Europe” from 18th – 25th June!

Two of Norway’s finest experimental extreme metal bands team up for a short but intense run through central Europe in mid-June.

Don’t miss out when the shadow falls over Europe this June!

Here are the dates and Facebook events:
18.06: Copenhagen, Denmark – Pumpehuset
19.06: Poznan, Poland – U Bazyla
20.06: Erfurt, Gemany – From Hell Club
21.06: Vienna, Austria – Viper Room
22.06: Antwerpen, Belgium – Kavka
23.06: Lille, France – El Diablo Club
24.06: Arnhem, The Netherlands – Willemeen
25.06: Oberhausen, Germany – Helvete

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See you on the road again soon!

DHG/DØDHEIMSGARD (n) – Peaceville Records

Dødheimsgard (also known as DHG) is a Norwegian extreme metal band formed in 1994, that is constantly pushing the boundaries of extreme music. Dødheimsgard was originally a black metal band, but 1999’s 666 International saw them incorporate more experimental and avant-garde/industrial influences in their music. In 2000, they shortened their name to DHG.

“Dødheimsgard” is a contraction of three words: Død which means ‘death’, heim which means ‘home’ and gard which means (at least in this context) ‘realm’. A natural translation into English would be “Realm of Death”.
In 2006, they completed the new album Supervillain Outcast, which was released in April 2007 by Moonfog Productions and The End Records.

The band released their landmark fifth studio album, A Umbra Omega, on March 16, 2015, to great acclaim from both fans and the international metal press.

DISKORD (n) – Hellthrasher Productions

Diskord is a Norwegian death metal band from Oslo that combines an old-school approach with progressive and technical as well as doomy elements. Their latest release ‘Oscillations’ is an uncompromising, wild, and jarring exercise in alien death metal, evoking references to the genres glorious past as well pointing to its gloomy future