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Now booking: KETZER (de) + SLÆGT (dk) – “Black Bombs and Storm Clouds” European tour 12th – 27th April 2019

Killtown Bookings is proud to present:
KETZER (de) + SLÆGT (dk) – “Black Bombs and Storm Clouds” European tour 12th – 27th April 2019

Two of Europe´s finest young outfits that both challenge the conventional approach to metal by bending and crossing genres will team up for a 2 week European tour in April 2019!

Each band will have new releases out for this tour and will be performing their new material. Ketzer will be promoting their 4th full length – the title still to be made official – via Metal Blade Records. Slægt just released their 3rd full-length “The Wheel” through Ván Records to much praise from the international metal press. From the same recording session they will be releasing a 7″ EP entitled “Black Bombs” that will be available at the shows.

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KETZER (de) – Metal Blade Records
Based in Cologne, Ketzer (“heretic” in German) is comprised of Gerrit (vocals), David (bass), Marius (guitars), Chris (guitars), and Sören (drums), all of who joined together as teenagers to release Satan’s Boundaries Unchained (2009). Hailed as one of the best blackened-thrash metal records of recent years, the quintet’s debut launched them out of the underground and onto some of Germany’s most prestigious festival bills – such as Party San and Rock Hard. Their first European tour took place soon after in 2011, where they conquered new territory: Poland, France, Italy, Denmark, amongst others.

In 2012, Ketzer released their sophomore album, Endzeit Metropolis, which saw the band’s musical direction progress: their raw energy was channelled into a more open-minded, yet faster and darker kind of Heavy Metal. Following a second European trek (featuring Tribulation and Venenum) and more of the scene‘s finest festivals like Extremefest and Hell‘s Pleasure, Ketzer then embarked on their biggest journey so far: the band’s first USA tour! With a small collection of freshly written songs, they broke new ground on American soil in 2014, and upon their return home, were inspired to write new material once again.

In 2016, Starless, the third album by Ketzer and their first on Metal Blade Records, offered songs of the universe and tunes of the spheres, – it took the listener on a journey that was unexpected, yet familiar at the same time. Thematically, the album explored the crack between religion and reality and the search for a truth in between. Consistently following their path with a stripped-down and raw, yet melodic version of their sound, Starless set another milestone in the heretics‘ history. This time, the European roads were conquered in complicity with fellow Black Metal outlaws Svartidauði and Primordial. That year and the next, Starless was brought to more festivals like Summer Breeze and Rock Hard, for a second time.

For two years now, Ketzer have been working on something new, and the result is something new indeed: Somehow linking every aspect essential to their sound through the years, these eight new tunes might well be the strongest Ketzer songs to date. Via Metal Blade Records, a new Ketzer album will be released in spring 2019.

SLÆGT (dk) – Ván Records
Slægt from Copenhagen, Denmark, is the sound and essence of four hearts and minds locking together and joining forces towards the unknown. The band consists of some of the most energetic musicians on the current metal scene – Olle Bergholz provides the gut plucking bass tone, Adam ‘CC’ Nielsen lets go in a fury of thunderous drumming, Anders M. Jørgensen writhes and takes over souls with his guitar ripping while Oskar J. Frederiksen is in the center, complimenting Jørgensen on guitar and giving the band its vocal expression through passionate and insightful lyrics.
Slægt has found their very own, unique style of playing heavy metal. Stylistically influences are drawn from a broad spectrum of such diverse movements as the NWOBHM, the black metal scene(s) of the 80’s and 90’s and everything in between and beyond. Slægt plays an epic blackened heavy metal but without any kind of limitation when approaching the style. They explore unseen territories and go beyond the obvious norms of heavy metal, which makes them sound fresh and progressive. The darkness within the riffs and lyrics flows with dark blasts of energy.
Oskar J. Frederiksen started the band in 2011 and released a demo, a split 7” and the full-length “Ildsvanger” (Posh Isolation) with Nielsen on drums in 2015, before Slægt became a full orchestra. Slægt released the “Beautiful and Damned” EP (Iron Bonehead Productions) in 2015 which gave the band a healthy dose of attention while also fuelling the fires, that keeps it going. This led to a deal with Ván Records and in 2017 Slægt released their highly acclaimed debut full length as a four-piece: “Domus Mysterium”. With great reviews, nominations and awards as album of the year in both Denmark and abroad, it has certainly been a milestone in Slægt’s journey so far. Following it up, Slægt played victorious concerts at events such as Copenhell, Roskilde Festival and toured through Europe with Venenum in February 2018.
Now Slægt is once again dimming lights and opening fire with the brand new full-length “The Wheel”. A challenging, yet soothing record that perfectly picks up the thread from “Domus Mysterium”. Discover the beautiful and damned sons, from the house of mysteries, doing all they can to escape the boundaries of the wheel.

Slægt announced for Roadburn 2019!

SLÆGT just announced for Roadburn 2019 as part of Tomas Lindbergs curation!

Slægt will play Thursday 11th April 2019!

Here is what Tomas has to say about Slægt:
“When I think of heavy metal, there is a certain feeling I am after. A special haunting, emotional impact that I’m seeking. Nowadays, with a total over-saturation of new bands, I will always be super excited when I get that same feeling that was there when I first got into underground metal. Slaegt is one of those rare examples.

“Saying this, I don’t mean that they are a retro style act in any sense. They are constantly pushing forward, exploring new ways to develop their own style of blackened heavy metal. Fans of Dissection, Morbus Chron and Tribulation won’t be disappointed. I was overwhelmed when I got my hands on their latest offering and I keep coming back to it. I look forward to share those special emotions with the Roadburn fanatics. I think what ALL underground, “true” art is about is about an honest expression and this is something that Slægt has a lot of. To them black metal is not a pose; be ready for some serious realness.”