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Tour announcement: “Death Stench Procession” w/ CORPSESSED (fin) + GRAVEYARD (es) + LIE IN RUINS (fin)!

Killtown Bookings is proud to announce the routing for “Death Stench Procession” w/ CORPSESSED (fin) + GRAVEYARD (es) + LIE IN RUINS (fin)!

The Death Stench Procession will parade through Eastern Europe from 4th of October at the WAY OF DARKNESS FEST in Lichtenfels and end on the 12th of October at the OLD GRAVE FEST in Bucharest, Rumania. In between the two fests this great package of old death metal will pass by Germany, Poland, Czech, Austria, Croatia, Hungary and Rumania.

Finland´s masters of death metal, Corpsessed, released their epic sophomore album “Impetus of Death” via Dark Descent Records last year to much praise of the metal press. Spain’s Graveyard released their 4th full length “Hold Back the Dawn” via War Anthem Records this year and has since been active playing festivals across Europe this summer. Lie in Ruins, also from Finland, must be Finlands best kept secret. The band started all the way back in 1993, but disbanded before returning in 2002 where they have been active ever since. This is a rare oportunity to see these bands live on the road!
Spread the word and see you there! Support the death metal underground!

Here is the routing:
4.10.19 Ways of Darkness Festival, Lichtenfels, DE

5.10.19 Magnetofon, Łódź, PL *support for Desaster (de) + Possession (be)

6.10.19 D.K.Luksus, Wrocław, PL

7.10.19 Underdogs, Prague, CZ

8.10.19 Show needed! (South Germany/Austria/Italy)

9.10.19 Klub Močvara, Zagreb, CR

10.10.19 Supersonic – Blue Hell & KVLT, Budapest, HU

11.10.19 Flying Circus Cluj, Cluj-Napoca, RU

12.10.19 Old Grave Fest, Bucharest, RU

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