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Demon Head (dk) added to roster!

Killtown Bookings is proud to announce our newest roster signing; DEMON HEAD! We are excited to start this new collaboration where we will be handling the European bookings from now on and welcoming this great band to the KTB roster.

Check them out here:

DEMON HEAD is the long lasting constellation of five internationally based and widely acclaimed musicians; Mikkel Sander Fuglsang (Nigrum, Zyfilis), Birk Gjerlufsen Nielsen (Vanessa Amara, Øresund Space Collective), Marcus Ferreira Larsen (Junta, Planet Y, Zyfilis), Thor Gjerlufsen Nielsen and Jeppe Wittus. Though hesitant to compromise the description of the music they perform through generalizing terms of genre, they’ve coined the term DIABOLIC ROCK as an appropriate presentation.
   It is important to pay attention to the journey from ‘Ride The Wilderness’ (2015), a juvenile and hungry adventure exploring the boundless courage of classic rock music, onto ‘Thunder on the Fields’ (2017) turning their inspirations further towards the strange and sinister purposes of life, a tendency followed and completed on ‘Hellfire Ocean Void’ (2019), with it’s gothic and nothing but otherworldly song-writing and production. DEMON HEAD is recognized for their uncompromising and independent practice, having written, recorded, produced, mixed, filmed, photographed, drawn, printed, chauffeured, practiced every second and every cell of the body that is DEMON HEAD, leaving their development and growth as an organism completely free from the restraints of capitalism. What is left is a vessel, containing every possibility of collectivity, courage, rebellion, daydreaming, friendship, faint hope, clenched fists and opened hearts.
Since the beginning DEMON HEAD has been touring extensively throughout Europe on their own behalf or together with acts such as COVEN, MAGNA CARTA CARTEL, SLÆGT, ULTRA SILVAM, NIGHT, ILL WICKER and many more. They’ve been featured in magazines like METAL HAMMER, DEAF FOREVER, CLASSIC ROCK MAGAZINE, METALIZED, SWEDEN ROCK among many others. As well as appeared on high profiled festivals as COPENHELL, MUSKELROCK, VOID FEST, WONDER-FESTIWALL, to name a few.

Birk Gjerlufsen Nielsen
Jeppe Wittus
Marcus ferreira Larsen
Mikkel Sander Fuglsang
Thor Gjerlufsen Nielsen

Tour announcement: MISÞYRMING (isl) + NAÐRA (isl) – “Algleymi PT 3” mini tour

Killtown bookings is proud to present the rescheduled “Algleymi PT 3” mini tour for MISÞYRMING (isl) + NAÐRA (isl)!

Dates will be 4th – 7th February 2021!

Just 4 dates – one in Hamburg, Germany, 2 in Denmark and one Oslo, Norway!

Thursday 4th February 2021: Hafenklang, Hamburg, DE
Friday 5th February 2021: HQ, Århus, DK
Saturday 6th February 2021: Blå, Oslo, Norway
Sunday 7th February 2021: Stengade, Copenhagen, DK