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COME TO GRIEF to Bring World of Hurt to Roadburn 2017

Killtown Bookings is proud to present; COME TO GRIEF (us) to Bring World of Hurt to Roadburn 2017

If you like your sludge extra filthy, GRIEF are a big part of the reason why.

Formed in Boston in 1991, they’d have a dirt-covered hand in shaping the genre of sludge metal on landmark releases like 1993’s Dismal, 1994’s Come to Grief and 1996’s Miserably Ever After, and their influence would continue to resonate long after their summary 2002 compilation, Turbulent Times, put a final misanthropic stamp on their tenure.

Grief is dead, but founding guitarist Terry Savastano formed COME TO GRIEF in 2015 as a rebirth of their disgruntled, slow-crawling malevolence, and today we can officially announce that Come to Grief will pay homage to Grief’s legacy at Roadburn 2017, playing on Sunday, April 23, at Het Patronaat.

Comprised of Savastano, drummer Chuck Conlon (who played on Grief’s last album, 2000’s …And Man Will Become the Hunted), as well as guitarist/vocalist Jonathan Hébert and bassist Justin Christian (Morgion), Come to Grief is the manifestation of Grief’s repugnant sludge, and after so long, it’s time for that repugnance to finally get its due.

Come To Grief will play Roadburn Festival at Het Patronaat, Tilburg, The Netherlands on Sunday, 23 April 2017.

Killtown Bookings will be working on a 8 date European tour for COME TO GRIEF around their performance at Roadburn 2017. If you are interested in bring COME TO GRIEF to your hometown please get in touch with