Killtown Bookings


Killtown Bookings and Loppen presents:
“A Sunday in the name of Death” with
Sunday 2nd December 21.00 entrance 60 kr.

PAGANIZER are active since 1998, releasing 8 albums + multiple other splits and stuffs and it’s led by Rogga Johansson (ex-EDGE OF SANITY) who is involved in a lot of other bands like MEGASCAVENGERS (with Paul Speckmann from Master and Jorgen Sandstrom), DEMIURG (with Dan Swano from Edge of
Sanity and Ed Warby), RIBSPREADER (still with Dan Swano), BONE GNAWER (with Kam Lee) etc.

UNDERGANG is one of Denmarks most upcoming UG Death Metal bands and since they were spawned from the sewers of the Copenhagen underground in the late
spring of 2008, they have been spreading its disease all around the world. They have played alongside such prominent names as Autopsy, Anatomia,
Funebrarum among others and toured both the US and Europe on severaloccations. They have released two full-lengths albums; “Indhentet af Døden” in 2010 and “Til Døden Os Skiller” 2012.