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Now booking: Deathcult (ch) + Lucifericon (nl) “Across the Northern Void” 27th March – 10th April 2019

Killtown Bookings is proud to announce that we will commence the booking of the following tour:

Almost a decade ago DEATHCULT of Switzerland and LUCIFERICON from the Netherlands was formed. Parallel to each other they’ve both been operating in the same pitch black environments to develop and refine their art. Now, time has finally come for their paths to cross as they form an unholy coalition with one shared goal – to defile new territories and spread their message of death and decay.
During the spring of 2019 they will head out on a crusade across the northern parts of Europe, penetrating and destroying the minds of all standing in the way with their blackened chants of death metal.
The planned route stretches across Scandinavia, the Baltics and the northern parts of central Europe (Holland, Germany, Poland) and it presents some exclusive live opportunities as it contains countries in which the bands has not yet played in.

Be sure not to miss this extraordinary event and remember that in times of turmoil, only death is real!

Dates will be 29th March – 10th April 2019.

Get in touch with michaela.killtownbookings(a) if you are interested in bringing this package to your hometown.

DEATHCULT (ch) – Invictus Productions

Founded by M. Goathammer in 2010, Deathcult’s journey started with their first strike, Demo MMXII, released through Invictus Productions. The band’s original line-up featured a number of experienced and very talented musicians from bands such as Blakk Old Blood, Asag and Bölzer and since the beginning Deathcult hasn’t failed to deliver anything apart from first class Death Metal.
2014 the EP Pleading for Death… Choking on life (Me Saco Un Ojo Records) find its way on wax. Then after a bitter setback, the death of bassist D. Virgin Killer and a changeover at the vocals the band released their first full length in 2016 through Invictus Productions and Iron Bonehead Productions, called Beasts of faith. Across its nine tracks, Beasts of Faith ravages and roars, surging with a bestial violence but never spilling into aimless chaos; its violence is tangible and terrible, but is always patiently and proudly parlayed.
The quartet’s sound betrayed a wealth of classic influences – namely early Morbid Angel, Death, Possessed, Sepultura, and Necrovore – but the filth ‘n’ fury was certainly in place, and the band have now maximized that malevolent spirit with hook-laden songwriting and gut-churning crunch.

“Amongst the hordes of mediocre takes on old-school death metal that waste our time ever since the genre came into fashion again, DEATHCULT rape the competition with their new album “Beasts Of Faith”!” Panos Agoros, Legacy Future

Deathcult live at Metal Magic:

Demo ’12 – 2012 Demo
Pleading for Death… Choking on Life – 2014 EP
Beasts of Faith – 2016 Album
C.H.A.O.S. – 2017 Split

LUCIFERICON (nl) – Invictus Productions

Lucifericon are a study in patience and poise. Founded in 2009, it wasn’t until 2012 when the band’s first public recording, The Occult Waters EP, reared its shadowy head. Although The Occult Waters was the band’s debut, the seemingly “new” Lucifericon was actually comprised of a number of metal scene veterans, its members having done time as Destroyer 666, Pentacle, Malicious Dream, and Excision among others. Naturally, at this stage, the quartet deeply understood the Metal of Death and proceeded to offer a unique, more atmospheric twist on it. Four years later followed another EP, Brimstone Altar, to further critical acclaim. Here, Lucifericon’s death metal was blackened to a crisp, its robust recording allowing every evil nuance to spill from the soundfield and further bewitch the eardrums.

With that envious foundation judiciously set, at last arrives Lucifericon’s first full-length recording, Al-Khem-Me. Tongue-twistingly titled but aptly so, Al-Khem-Me keeps apace with the developments of Brimstone Altar and further masters the art of the “patient payoff.” Its blackened DEATH literally explodes from the very first seconds, but the band’s songwriting builds detail upon subtle detail despite the obvious aggression employed. Utterly gnarled and gnarling, the lurch ‘n’ lunge across Al-Khem-Me creates a bewilderingly slipstreaming effect, dragging the listener into a distant, nameless vortex, but always with a keen knack for memorability. For above all, this is METAL, unbending and unyielding, forged in fire and wielded as a weapon; it just so happens that Lucifericon’s is one fully set on attack, its intensity steeped in the grand traditions of late ’80s / early ’90s death. Al-Khem-Me heralds the grand arrival of Lucifericon!

The Occult Waters – 2012 EP
Brimstone Altar – 2016 EP
Al-Khem-Me – 2018 Album