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Now taking booking requests for Samothrace (us) / Bell Witch (us) – first European tour May 2013!

Killtown Bookings is proud to present two of the finest pacific north western doom bands around; Samothrace and Bell Witch on their first tour in Europe! Samothrace and Bell Witch will tour Europe for 2 weeks in May 2013 based around their performances at the Heavy Days In Doomtown Fest in Copenhagen, Denmark. The tour is planned to hit a number of cities throughout Europe and is now currently taking offers from promoters and venues. So if you are interested in bringing this package to your town get in contact with Daniel at Killtown Bookings by sending him an email to this address: The tour will start on May 3rd in Scandinavia and end on May 18th in Germany.

Samothrace and Bell Witch are both from Seattle, Washington and share one member. Their background is the DIY scene and playing in various crust and punk bands. Samothrace plays a form of atmospheric doom and Bell Witch is an extreme doom duo consisting of bass and drums. Extremely heavy, downtuned and somber, but very powerful and strong compositions.

Landmark of modern American doom” – Kim Kelly in Pitchfork on Samothrace.

Bell Witch can take your mind to the highest planes of existence” – Cvlt Nation on Bell Witch

SAMOTHRACE (us) – 20 Buck Spin Records
Samothrace is a pacific north western atmospheric doom band with members and ex members of Bell Witch, Lethe, Book of Black Earth, Splatterhouse, Sentient and Septinomicon among others. Samothrace initially came together out of friendship made through involvement in DIY Punk/Hardcore/Metal community. Although currently based in Seattle, WA, their hometowns span from New Mexico, Kansas, New York City and Oklahoma. Their lyrics, albeit poetic, are rooted in the ideals of social change, political incoherence, and a bleak but positive outlook on life… intended for those who’ve taken back their breath and risen on their own and those who wish to do so. The band is named after a Greek island that is the home of the Sanctuary of the Great Gods, a site of important Hellenic and pre-Hellenic religious ceremonies. The most famous artifact from this site is a large, half-crumbled statue of Nike, the goddess of victory in ancient Greek mythology. Samothrace is an evolving beast. Keep it heavy… keep it underground. Heavy music for heavy times.

Life’s Trade 2008
Reverence to Stone 2011


BELL WITCH (us) – Profound Lore Records
Bell Witch is a doom metal duo comprised of bassist / vocalist Dylan Desmond (also a member of Samothrace) and drummer / vocalist Adrian Guerra (from Lethe and Sod Hauler) based in Seattle. With only the bare minimum at their disposal, the pair crafts some of the darkest, heaviest and most dismal time-stretching doom in recent memory, and their first releases, a 2011 self-titled demo and a 12” entitled “Longing” has already garnered significant recognition from the underground scene. With a more sinister and enveloping sound, Bell Witch’s debut full-length Longing is a marathon-like exercise in extreme doom. Testing the thresholds of listeners who become engrossed in its overwhelming sonic experience, it’s a powerful statement from one of the most promising acts the American scene has to offer.

The bass and drum duo mount the lead of a tattered line of speakers and volley complex, introspective rhythm lines of sadness and grief. Being no hurry in a storm, the heaviness of the songs crush into multiple layers. There are somber, sustained choral chants reserved for dark cathedrals and aching funerals in contrast to the grimaced, even hateful shrieks and guttural harrowing that carry the eerie storm. Grimly, the drums of a war horde sire a march of dual melody lines played from two hands tapping bass strings with the roaring thunder and floral lightning of the mighty storm. There is shock when the eyes see two bodies where the ears believed five.

Bell Witch – Demo 2011
Bell Witch – Longing 2012