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Onsdag d. 3. april 2013
Killtown Bookings og Loppen præsenterer:
-spydspidser for den anden bølge af amerikanske undergrunds black metal bands
-amerikansk black metal med et twist af noise

Loppen, Christiania. Dør kl. 21.00
Pris: 75 kr.

Ash borer fell voices plakat_web

Mere info:

Ash Borer (us) – Profound Lore Records
Ash Borer is a black metal act from Northern California formed in the winter of 2008. After releasing 2 demos, a split with Fell Voices, and a self-titled full length, Ash Borer have unleashed a new full-length onslaught, Cold of Ages, via Profound Lore Records. This new material proves to be their darkest, most ferocious, and strongest to date, drawing influences from from second-wave Norwegian black metal, psychedelia, dark ambient, funeral doom, and more, all while retaining a sound that is distinctly their own.

Fell Voices (us) – Analog Worship Records
Fell Voices are an atmospheric black metal band from Santa Cruz, California, that also incorporates drone, ambient and doom qualities into their inspired breed of black metal. They released a self-titled cassette demo (sometimes referred to as In the Hands of the Blind God) in 2008 on Featherspines, and followed that up in 2009 with their self-titled full length debut on Human Resources, pressed on 180 gram vinyl. A split with Ash Borer followed on tape in August 2010; a demo CD-R was released around the same time. The 2010 demo and the split were both pressed on vinyl by Gilead Media and released in March of 2011. The 2008 demo was pressed on vinyl by Analog Worship in late 2011.

Torsdag d. 4. april 2013
Killtown Bookings og Loppen præsenterer:
-melodiøst catchy punkrock af den svensk/amerikanske skole.
NIGHT (swe)
-nyt svensk heavy metal outfit inspriret af bands som Saxon, Priest og Thor. Seriøst hit-potentiale!

Loppen, Christiania. Dør kl. 21.00
Pris: 40 kr.

Mere info:
The Baboon Show (swe) – Kidnap Music

Baboon-Night poster

“The Baboon Show then rip through 60 minutes of ferocious punk rock, punctuated with affectionate words for the admiring crowd… Lead singer Cecilia Boström is a star. She swings from the lights, runs around and jumps up and down like a woman possessed. Energetic Håkan Sörle provides the driving guitar riffs and looks like Wolverine after a hair cut and 15 espressos. Sörle, drummer Niclas Svensson and bassist Helen Lindberg all share backing vocal duties, creating an exciting dynamic. The mixed crowd of young fashionistas and aging punks show love to the band, without ever becoming very lively… The Baboon Show make catchy songs, give a great live show and are well worth going to see.”
– The Local – Sweden’s News in English, Live Review

NIGHT (swe) – Gaphals Records
For fans of Saxon, THOR and Judas Priest, Night is a swedish classic heavy metal band that heads out from the town of Linköping. With shows all over sweden, including playing at the legendary festival MUSKELROCK, NIGHT can proudly entitle them selves as one of Linköpings, if not Swedens, most up and coming bands!