Killtown Bookings

Statement from Killtown Bookings concerning the cancellation of GRAVES AT SEA at ”Alerta Antifascista Death Fest” in Hannover:

After over a week of attempting to communicate with the promoter from ”Alerta Antifascista Death Fest” and trying to work out a resolution to his concerns about a band member pictured (in 2005) wearing a shirt of the band “Nachtmystium”; It has today come to an unfortunate and drastic cancellation and public slandering of Graves at Sea.

We are shocked by this, and extremely upset about the way this has been handled! The promoter writes in his statement that Graves at Sea “… obviously support or like NSBM Bands”. What the fuck?!?!?!? Where does this guy get his information, and who the fuck does he think he is making such unfounded and baseless accusations? On top of which, making them public?!

We have been trying to have constructive dialogue with this guy, but without any luck what so ever. The promoter asked for statements from the band and management, which were readily and willingly provided. After having received said statements from both parties, denouncing being a political band nor having any sympathies for rightwing or NSBM bands – He refuses to acknowledge this, or use those statements in the formation of his opinion. We cannot comprehend the absurdity of his accusations and his terribly unprofessional handling of this matter! It deeply offends and shocks us.

The fact that he chose to cancel 1 day before the band arrives in Europe, shows his complete lack of research into this matter. This is the first European Graves at Sea tour ever and after months and months of planning, it is clear that the promoter could have looked into the band´s lyrics, covers, record label etc. But apparently, a t-shirt found on an 8 year old photo was enough for this so called “1000% anti-fascist”.

*Killtown Bookings does not work with fascist bands, or any bands affiliating with the rightwing in any way! We can 100% vouch for Graves at Sea, and we want to strongly underline that the members of this band are NOT fascist in any way.*

With the release of this statement, we are hoping to aid in the dismantling of the ridiculous accusations placed upon Graves At Sea by this promoter. We would like to encourage people to continue to support this band on their forthcoming European tour, and not to be persuaded by unfounded propaganda spit forth by this individual.

Daniel & Nikolaj // Killtown Bookings