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BÖLZER to play WINGS OF METAL fest in Montreal!

KTB is proud to announce that BÖLZER will be playing WINGS OF METAL fest in Montreal, Canada on the 29th-30th August 2014!

Here is the official festival announcement:
“Wings of Metal is very excited to present you its fifth band, BÖLZER! Formed in 2008 in Switzerland (although the guitarist/vocalist KzR is from NZ), this duo plays a completely unique style of black/death metal with a crushing force. They have released a killer demo in 2012 (“Roman Acupuncture”) and an EP (“Aura”) in 2013 – producing memorable songs full of meaty yet transcending riffs. The rich rhythmic guitar tones and mountainous drums are topped with tortured lunatic growls, materializing a truly uncommon spectre of supernatural chaos. A great band which is certainly not to miss.”

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