Killtown Bookings

Show poster for epic doom show at KB18 22nd April!

Killtown Bookings & KB18 præsenterer:
-pioneers of Funeral Doom / Doom Death metal
-epic doom originally from Chile – now relocated to Sweden.
-epic Doom/Death from the UK
KB18, Kødboderne 18, 1714 Kbh. V
Tirsdag d. 22. april 2014
Dør kl. 21.00 – Entré 70 kr.

Esoteric Procession Indesinence KB18 22 april poster_web

Mere info:
ESOTERIC (uk) – Season of Mist Records

Hailing from Birmingham, United Kingdom, Esoteric has been delivering atmospheric and haunting hymns of Doom since 1992. With music so heavy, that it almost stops time itself, you are in for an experience of proportions. After their monumental 2011 album release of Paragon of Dissonance you better be prepared for a lifetime of nightmares brought by the sound of Esoteric!

PROCESSION (swe) – High Roller Records

Formed in Chile (and now established in Sweden), Procession plays crushing heavy doom metal in the vein of Black Sabbath, Candlemass, Count Raven, Solstice, etc… since 2006. After 2 European tours and festivals like Doom Shall Rise, Hole In The Sky, Keep it True, Rock Hard, Hammer of Doom, HellsPleasure, Metal Magic, Up the Hammers, Muskelrock, among others… the band has now finished the recordings of their new LP “To Reap Heavens Apart” (High Roller Recs, Germany), the follow up to “Destroyers Of The Faith”, acclaimed by several magazines as the “doom metal album of 2010”. Felipe Plaza, Jonas Pedersen, Claudio Botarro & Uno Bruniusson will deliver melodies of perdition, anger and loss. Live fast, play slow!

INDESINENCE (uk) – Profound Lore Records

Does UK death/doom metal sound familiar? It definitely should, with classic early work of bands like My Dying Bride, Anathema and Paradise Lost. With Indesinence, it’s not all that far from what you’ll be presented with. They are not only offering heavier than heavy death metal, but also dare to enter other various territories within the death metal genre.
Slow, atmospheric parts will occasionally burst into faster moments giving you a varied and deadly dose of metal experience. Neck-breakingly heavy grooves and mesmerizing guitar leads will escort you even further to your doom with the performance of Indesinence!

With more than 10 years behind them as a band, they have crafted 2 monumental full lengths, the latest being released last year. Indesinence may not be the most frequently active live band, but every occasion they choose to enter the stage has been of high quality nonetheless.