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Tour announcement: PISSGRAVE (us) + PHRENELITH (dk) “Upheaval of Disease Tour 2016”!

Killtown Bookings proudly presents;
“UPHEAVAL OF DISEASE TOUR 2016 – 3rd – 16th June!

Its with great pleasure that Killtown Bookings presents the first European performances of PISSGRAVE! The very first show ever on European soil will take place at Temples fest in Bristol on June 3rd 2016! After their performance they will embark on a European crusade of death and destruction with Danish upcommers Phrenelith.

With the release of 2015´s “Suicide Euphoria”, Pissgrave received a lot of praise from the metal media where Cvlt Nation awarded them with “Best Death Metal Album of 2015”. After touring the US in 2014 with death metal mastodons Dead Congregation, Pissgrave is now finally ready to take over Europe!

Phrenelith from Copenhagen, Denmark who share current and former members with Undergang and Mold will join them on tour. Phrenelith was nominated in “CVLT Nation’s Top Eight Demos of 2015” for their first demo on “Extremely Rotten Productions” which has also been very well received in the metal underground.

If you are interested in bringing this crushing package to a town near you get in touch with For updates and more info on the tour check out

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PISSGRAVE (us) – Profound Lore Records

Pissgrave aimlessly destroy with their barrage of violent, raw, and depraved death metal. They have earned much praise in the American metal underground, especially after supporting Dead Congregation on a short U.S. tour in the fall of 2014 – which showcased the band’s devastating live set. Their debut release Suicide Euphoria (Profound Lore Records) has been hailed by many as one of the best underground death metal releases of 2015.

“It’s one of the nearest things to a perfect slaughter that one is likely to find in 2015. Suicide Euphoria comes out of practically nowhere. With only a demo to their credit, Pissgrave just seemed to walk into this one with cleaver in and and swing it around for thirty minutes, sparing no one in its path” – Metal Injection

“Suicide Euphoria shall remain as one of the most inverted, depraved, insulting, negative, ass-backwards and anti-human albums to see the light in 2015” – Cvlt Nation

“Suicide Euphoria sounds like a man skinned alive dipping into a bathtub full of sea salt. If and when you learn to love the sensation of alcohol numbing your open wound, infiltrating your seared flesh and exacerbating raw pain, you will get hooked on this.” – Echoes and Dust

PHRENELITH (dk) – Extremely Rotten Productions

Phrenelith was formed sometime in the year 2014 and was rehearsal dwelling for most of the year, before recording their two track debut demo in over a time span of 3 months and then releasing it 3 months later through Extremely Rotten Productions in March 2015. Not long after the recruited their bassist and started playing gigs and a 2nd demo entitled “Veiled Verses” was recorded as a 4 piece and released later in 2015. The band has so far played a few shows in Denmark, Germany and Poland and are currently finishing their debut album which are set to be recorded during the spring of 2016.
Phrenelith plays a dark, filthy, low tuned, blackened, raw brand of death metal spiked with dual death grunts, not for anyone craving clarity or pleasant production values. Always with the memorable riffs in focus and drums varying from steamrolling slowness to meat grinding speed, Phrenelith aims at making your ears and eyes bleed.

Announcing: GOLD (nl) & KETZER (d) ‘No Image No Stars Tour’ !

Killtown Bookings is proud to present:
GOLD (nl) & KETZER (d) ‘No Image No Stars Tour’ 20th – 28th Feb 2016

Post-everything dark rockers GOLD are taking their wave-making album ‘No Image’ (Ván Records/Profound Lore Records) on tour for the first time since its release in October. Recently ‘No Image’ reared its ugly head in many year-end lists from musicians (eg. Converge’s Jake Bannon and Teenage Bottlerocket’s Kody Templeman), journalists (eg. New York Times, Terrorizer and Metal Hammer Germany) and music lovers alike. In February GOLD will bring the album’s silver-lined darkness to venues in Germany, Netherlands and Denmark. They will be joined by blackened metal prodigies Ketzer, who just released their new album ‘Starless’ through Metal Blade, on selected dates.

GOLD & Ketzer ‘No Image No Stars Tour’ dates:
20.02 Winston, Amsterdam (NL)
21.02 Exhaus, Trier, Germany (DE)
22.02 Black Label Club, Leipzig (DE) *
23.02 Kunstverein Nürnberg (DE) *
24.02 Hafenklang, Hamburg (DE) *
25.02 KB18, Copenhagen (DK) *
26.02 Bastard Club, Osnabrück (DE) *
27.02 Cortina Bob, Berlin (DE)
28.02 Vera, Groningen (NL)
* GOLD only

Find links to the shows here:
Please join and spread the word!

Preceding this tour GOLD will join folk noir superstar King Dude on these four dates:
11.02 Ekko, Utrecht (NL)
17.02 Tower, Bremen (DE)
18.02 Luxor, Köln (DE)
19.02 Gebr. De Nobel, Leiden (NL)


Tour announcement: Degial (swe) and Vorum (fin) “Savage Mutiny Across Europe” open for booking!

Killtown Bookings is proud to present:
Two of the best Scandinavian underground Death Metal bands team up for a 16 day tour that will leave a trail of death and destruction across Europe!

DEGIAL (swe) and VORUM (fin) will embark on their much anticipated tour “Savage Mutiny Across Europe” from May 27th to June 11th 2016!

In December 2015 Swedish DEGIAL released their follow-up album to their highly acclaimed debut album “Deaths Striking Wings”. The album released by Sepulchral Voice Records is called “Savage Mutiny” and has already received great reviews from the press. Degial’s raw and uncompromising approach to death metal is what makes this so fucking good! No trends found here – just death´s metal as it was intended. In May/June they will hit the roads of Europe to promote their new release!

Joining them on tour is Ålands finest death metal outfit; VORUM! Vorum are label mates on Sepulchral Voice Records who released their second full length “Current Mouth” in May 2015 which was followed by a European tour with fellow Finn´s Maveth organised by Killtown Bookings.

Both bands will perform at Live Evil Berlin and Temples Fest in Bristol as part of the forthcoming tour.

If you are interested in bringing this great package to your city, please get in touch with More info and tour updates on this website under “tours”.



DEGIAL (swe) – Sepulchral Voice Records
DEGIAL from Uppsala, Sweden is an upcoming blackened death metal outfit part of the infamous “Uppsala Metal ov Death” club. Their 2012 debut album “Death´s striking Wings” in 2012 on Sepulchral Voice Records (Necros Christos, Grave Miasma) established them in the metal underground. Now in 2015 they have released the follow up; “Savage Mutany” also on Sepulchral Voice. Their music can best be described as dark occult blackened Death Metal with lyrical themes about death, chaos and blasphemy.


VORUM (fin) – Sepulchral Voice Records
VORUM, who hail from Åland, Finland, is a band dedicated to spreading the treacherous and mad gospel of Death’s Metal. After the release of their acclaimed debut full length “Poisoned Void” (Woodcut Records) in 2013 the band followed this up with the MLP “Current Mouth” on Sepulchral Voice which firmly has gripped a chokehold on listeners scince its release in 2015.


KETZER (d) + GOLD (nl) “Mini Winter Tour 2016”!

Killtown Bookings proudly presents:
KETZER (d) + GOLD (nl) “Mini Winter Tour 2016”!

KETZER (d) and GOLD (nl) will embark on a winter mini tour from 20th – 28th of February 2016!

Ketzer will be releasing their highly anticipated “Starless” album through Metal Blade Records on January 29th 2016! The release party will be held in Essen, Germany at the Turock venue on Saturday 20th of February. That will also be the tour kick off for the mini tour with Dutch GOLD who features former The Devil’s Blood member Thomas Sciarone alongside vocalist Milena Eva. GOLD also has a new album out called “No Image” on Van Records in Europe and Profound Lore in North America.

Saturday 20th February: Essen, Germany – Turuck
Sunday 21st February:
Monday 22nd February: * Just GOLD (nl)
Tuesday 23rd February: * Just GOLD (nl)
Wednesday 24th February: * Just GOLD (nl)
Thursday 25th February: * Just GOLD (nl)
Friday 26th February:
Saturday 27th February:
Sunday 28th February:

If you are interested in bringing this package to your city, please drop Daniel a line at

KETZER (d) – Metal Blade Records

​Based in Cologne, Ketzer (“heretic” in German) is comprised of Gerrit (vocals), David (bass), Marius (guitars), Chris (guitars), and Soren (drums), all of who joined together as teenagers to release Satan’s Boundaries Unchained (2009). Hailed as one of the best blackened-thrash metal records of recent years, the quintet’s debut launched them out of the underground and onto some of Germany’s most prestigious festival bills – such as Extremefest, Party San and Rock Hard OpenAir. Their first European tour took place soon after in 2011, where they conquered new territory: Poland, France, Italy, Denmark amongst others.

In 2012, Ketzer released their sophomore album, Endzeit Metropolis, which saw the band’s musical direction progress: their raw energy was channelled into a more open-minded, yet faster and darker kind of rock music. Following another European trek (this time featuring Swedish death-rockers Tribulation), Ketzer then embarked on their biggest journey so far: the band’s first USA tour! With a small collection of freshly written songs, they broke new ground on American soil in 2014, and upon their return home, were inspired to write new material once again.

During the summer of 2015, Ketzer entered the studio for the first time in four years. After two months of intense work, the band finished recording their third album, entitled Starless. “It is just now that we are realizing what we have done during this summer,” Ketzer recalls. “We recorded an album which is very free from any boundaries and pre-conceived notions that you find ever so often within the genre of heavy metal.”

From sounds of raging fury, to the echoes of calm and cleansing waves, Starless is an album that will take you on a journey that is unexpected, yet familiar at the same time. Thematically, the band explores the idea of religion v. reality– is there a truth in between? Ketzer explains, “Centuries ago, humankind looked up into the star-filled night skies, questioning the universe and their lives within it. In order to find answers, mythology was born. But religion and myths cannot connect to the world we live in today. They have blinded the night skies – hence, we have become ‘starless’.”

Due out January 29th, 2016 via Metal Blade Records, Starless promises to be another milestone in the heretics’ history. As Ketzer beckons, “Join us to sing songs of the universe and play tunes of the spheres!”

GOLD (nl) – Van Records (feat. members of The Devil´s Blood)

​Hailing from The Netherlands, GOLD is a dark rock, post-everything band. They describe themselves as an avant-garde genre-free band that offers the world a new kind of pitch black and rock heavy music which is post-black metal, post-doom, post-punk, post-hardcore and psychedelic all in one. Someone even called it Killing Joke meets Velvet Underground.

GOLD was initially conceived in 2011 by guitarist Thomas Sciarone (ex-The Devil’s Blood) and vocalist Milena Eva. Their mission statement was to play a distinct form of heavy rock as a monument to civilization’s decline. With a vocalist named after Franz Kafka’s lover, it may come as no surprise that GOLD’s unique output deals with solitude, love and absence of prospect.

In 2015 they released their second album, No Image via Ván Records and Profound Lore Records in North America. Gold has performed at prestegious festivals such as Roadburn, MetalDays, Musklerock, Hell Over Hammaburg and Hard Rock Hell in the past.

‘No Image’ (full album):
The Controller:

​Of The Wand & The Moon (dk) indhylder VEGA i skæbnesvangert mørke

VEGA (i samarbejde med Killtown Bookings) præsenterer:
Of The Wand & The Moon (dk)
+ support (TBA)
Tirsdag den 12. april er der i Lille VEGA en enestående mulighed for at lade sig omslutte af neofolk-mørket sammen med meget roste Of The Wand & The Moon, der spiller deres eneste klub show på turnéen i VEGA.

Kim Larsen (ikke at forveksle med Gasolin-forsangeren) lagde i 1998 grundstenene til, hvad der er blevet et af de mest anerkendte bands på den moderne neofolk-scene – Of The Wand & The Moon. Bandet bevæger sig hjemmevant rundt i det formørkede og kulturelt pessimistiske genre, hvor deres album The Lone Descent (2011) anses for at være et mesterværk. Koncerten i VEGA bliver bandets eneste show i Danmark på denne turné.

Okkulte fortællinger fra Norden
Gennem de 11 sange får man som lytteren serveret historier fra en okkult gruppe bosat dybt inde i en nordeuropæisk skov kun oplyst af faklernes brændende skær. Lyt blandt andet til sange som ”Sunspot” og ”Absence” og fortab dig i et doom-landskab fyldt med fængende melodier og mørke atmosfærer.

Albummet hiver inspiration ud af den nordiske mytologi, men Kim Larsen får også musikalsk input fra 60’er-ikoner som Lee Hazlewood og Serge Gainsbourg.

Som det eneste permanente medlem i Of The Wand & The Moon driver Kim Larsen projektet frem sammen med skiftende samarbejdspartnere. Efter i slut-halvfemserne at have forladt metalbandet Saturnus begyndte han at skrive ny musik, der var væsentlig anderledes end den doom-metal han tidligere havde skabt. Det resulterede blandet andet i The Lone Descent og siden har Of The Wand & The Moon etableret sig som et pejlemærke på neofolk-scenen.



Fakta om koncerten:
Of The Wand & The Moon (dk)
+ support
Tirsdag den 12. april kl. 21.00
Lille VEGA, Enghavevej 40, 1674 København V
Billetpris: 150 kr. + gebyr
Billetsalget er startet torsdag d. 10. december via VEGAs hjemmeside og Billetnet.
Facebook event:

Announcing ABYSMAL GRIEF (it) and EPITAPH (it) – “The Lords of Dark Sound” tour April 2016!

Killtown Bookings proudly presents:
The two most representative bands of the infamous Italian Dark Sound finally team up for 15 European dates in the name of Death and Heaviness!

ABYSMAL GRIEF (it) and EPITAPH (it) will embark on the much anticipated tour “The Lords of Dark Sound” from 2nd to 16th of April 2016!!!

In the eighties and nineties, Italy spawned a big black mass of great horror doom bands, as the underground flourished with illustrious names like Death SS, Paul Chain, Black Hole, Sacrilege, Zess, Malombra, Cultus Sanguine, Epitaph and Abysmal Grief.

Abysmal Grief has been holding the burning torch of the underground high since 1996 and is considered to be today´s forefront of this cult movement! 2016 marks the 20th anniversary of Abysmal Grief as a band and ambassadors of the occult Italian Dark sound! Abysmal Grief´s live performances takes you through a journey of the dark universe of horror, rituals and incantations. Their performances are so powerful and intense – it’s a must see for the die-hard cult metal fan!

Epitaph was spawned from ashes of Black Hole (Mauro Tollini and Nicola Murari a.k.a. Luther Gordon and Nicholas Murray, drums and guitar/bass guitar respectively during Black Hole´s heyday). The band was on hiatus for nearly 2 decades before returning with a full length album in 2014 on High Roller Records. During their performances on this tour they will do a special 15-minute Black Hole medley!

Both bands will be performing the 2016 edition of the infamous Roadburn Festival alongside acts like Neurosis, Paradise Lost, G.I.S.M., Repulsion among many others.

A special split 12″ will be released as an exclusive edition that will only be sale during the shows of the tour.

If you are interested in bringing this great package to your city, please drop Daniel a line at


Lords of Dark Sound_pretour_web

More info:
ABYSMAL GRIEF (it) – Horror Records

Abysmal Grief is an Italian gothic and doom metal band, formed in Genoa in 1996 by a mysterious character named Regen Graves, enthusiast of Occultism, Black Magic and Horror culture, with the intent to translate into music his spiritual researches. The lack of information about the band and its members, and the gloomy and mournful image that the group has built have favored the birth of a macabre and disturbing aura around them.
The official and definitive line up was completed only at the end of 1997, including Regen Graves (guitars), Labes C. Necrothytus (keyboards & back vocals), Lord Alastair (bass), Garian (vocals) and Lord of Fog (drums), and it saw the release of the first demo tape entitled “Funereal”.

From 2000 on, Abysmal Grief established the lineup around the only figures of Graves, Necrothytus & Alastair, and kept releasing several works as singles, MLPs, splits, and full-lengths.

Anyway, the real live activity started only in 2005, with the arrival of a more stable drummer called William Blisset: these concerts were characterized by a strong scenography including objects stolen from graveyards, huge use of candles and smoke machines, and throw of real living worms on the crowd. Many other drummers took place for concerts and studio works until 2013, when former drummer Lord of Fog finally reunited with the band after almost 14 years.

Abysmal Grief have just released now their 4th studio album in November 2015, entitled “Strange Rites of Evil”, a complex opus deeply focused on Death and religious superstitions, and will celebrate in November 2016 their 20th anniversary.

“To be born, to die, to be reborn again and to always progress, that is the Law.”

1998 – Funereal (demo)
1999 – Mors te audit (demo)
2000 – Exsequia Occulta (single)
2002 – Hearse (single)
2004 – Creatures From the Grave / Le entità della salvazione (split with Tony Tears)
2006 – Mors Eleison (EP)
2007 – Abysmal Grief (full-length)
2009 – Resurrection of the Damned / Brides of the Goat (split with Denial of God)
2009 – The Samhain Feast (EP)
2009 – Misfortune (full-length)
2011 – Foetor Funereus Mortuorum (EP)


EPITAPH (it) – High Roller Records

Epitaph was spawned in 1987, by Black Hole escapees Mauro Tollini and Nicola Murari (a.k.a. Luther Gordon and Nicholas Murray, drums and guitar/bass guitar respectively during Black Hole´s heyday). Leaving the aforementioned band after releasing the Land of Mystery album in 1985 that prodigiously flawed gem of weird and occult doom wishing to vent their passion in a crunchier metal way, they put on the short-lived Sacrilege, which in turn horridly blossomed into Epitaph proper: an act deeply rooted in the revered Italian dark sound tradition.

In the years that followed, while leaving a wake of blistering shows, three demos were released, which are now relics much sought after. Now, after a dreadful hiatus of almost 20 years, Epitaph are back into the fold, having compulsorily enrolled the services of Emiliano il Confessore (one time singer in All Souls Day) and hard-bluesman Lorenzo Loatelli as the new guitar player.

The long gestated full-length album, “Crawling out of the Crypt” boasting both new and revamped old material, was released in 2014 through High Roller Records and has steadily gained appreciation ever since.

“The Lord of Evil” – 1988 demo
“Sacred and Profane” – 1992 demo
“Mental Walls” – 1994 demo
“Underground Symphony” – 1994 (sampler compilation, Underground Symphony)
“Area Sismica” – 1995 (sampler compilation, A.M. songs)
“Crawling out of the Crypt” – 2014 full-length, High Roller Records

CRUCIAMENTUM (uk) / CORPSESSED (fin) – “Abysmal Darkness Prevails” 2015 Euro Tour

Two of the best contemporary old school death metal bands around have teamed up for the a tour in the end of November to spread death and darkness over Europe.

Be sure not to miss out on this great package in your town!

20/11 – Oberhausen, DE @ Helvete
21/11 – Aachen, DE @ We Are Old Skull Fest
22/11 – Antwerpen, BE @ Het Bos
23/11 – London, UK @ Garage Upstairs
24/11 – Tilburg, NED @ Extase
25/11 – Kassel, DE @ Goldgrube
26/11 – Prague, CZE @ 007 Club
27/11 – Dresden, DE @ Chemiefabrik
28/11 – Rostock, DE @ JAZ (w/ Cyness/Attack Of The Mad Axeman)
29/11 – Copenhagen, DNK @ Loppen (w/ Phrenelith)


More info on the shows:
20/11 – Oberhausen, DE @ Helvete
21/11 – Aachen, DE @ We Are Old Skull Fest
22/11 – Antwerpen, BE @ Het Bos
23/11 – London, UK @ Garage Upstairs
24/11 – Tilburg, NED @ Extase
25/11 – Kassel, DE @ Goldgrube
26/11 – Prague, CZE @ 007 Club
27/11 – Dresden, DE @ Chemiefabrik
28/11 – Rostock, DE @ JAZ (w/ Cyness/Attack Of The Mad Axeman)
29/11 – Copenhagen, DNK @ Loppen (w/ Phrenelith)

HIGH ON FIRE, BLACK TUSK and BASK European Tour 2015 hits Copenhagen’s Lille Vega on Nov. 22nd!

Its with great pleasure we can announce the return of the almighty HIGH ON FIRE on their forthcoming tour to Europe in support of their latest release “Luminiferous”! They will hit Lille Vega on November 22nd and with them they will bring no less than Savannah, Georgia´s BLACK TUSK and BASK from Ashville, North Carolina!

The show will be officially announced tomorrow with Facebook event and information about presale etc through Vega´s channels so look out for that.

HOF tour1

„Matt Pike is guitar god to a generation of bikers, barbarians and beardos, and Luminiferous is one of his finest hours, full of enough gruff He-Man barking and muscular, Motörheaded riff wizardry to soundtrack Season 666 of Game of Thrones” – Rolling Stone

World-renowned power trio HIGH ON FIRE released its highly-anticipated new album, Luminiferous, on June 22 via Century Media in Europe. Recorded at Salem, Massachusetts’ GodCity Studios with producer Kurt Ballou, the record is the follow-up to the group’s 2012 release, De Vermis Mysteriis.


Savannah, Georgia’s heavy-rockin road dogs return to Europe with High on Fire. Black Tusk is a blast of high octane raging Southern rock/metal that merges the classic original backwoods metallic hardcore Black Tusk sound with the newer more polished rock based tunes the band has honed after years on the road with bands like Baroness, Skeleton Witch, Mastodon, Kvelertak and more.

Very heavy, fast paced and full of the best extracted portions of rock and roll mixed with the dedication of metal.


BASK (us)
“I haven’t heard anything quite like this all year long, and I’ve listened to damn near a 1000
different albums at this point, mostly good, some great, and a few, like Bask, get the nod as
being magnificent”
-Ripple Music

New record “American Hollow” out on This Charming Man Records September 18th.
To say it with the words of the record label: This is the right thing for fans of Red Fang, Baroness, Led Zeppelin and Band of Horses.


CRUCIAMENTUM (uk) / CORPSESSED (fin) – “Abysmal Darkness Prevails” tour Nov. 2015 –

Killtown Bookings is proud to present:
– “Abysmal Darkness Prevails” tour Nov. 2015 –

Two of the best contemporary old school death metal bands around have teamed up for the a tour in the end of November spread death and darkness over Europe.

Be sure not to miss out on this great package in your town!

For booking, info or questions please get in touch with Daniel at

Cruciamentum Corpsessed Tour Poster_web

CRUCIAMENTUM (uk) – Profound Lore Records/ Me Saco Un Ojo.

Cruciamentum was formed in England during 2007 and recorded their first demo, “Rotten Flesh Crucifix” which was limited to 30 copies in 2008. The second demo, “Convocation of Crawling Chaos” was released in 2009 and led to the band quickly signing to Nuclear Winter Records. 2011 saw both the release of “Eroding Chaos unto Ascendant Flesh” (released on Hell’s Headbangers), a split 7” with Vasaleth from the US, and the MLP/CD “Engulfed in Desolation” (released on Nuclear Winter Records).

Cruciamentum have played live extensively throughout their short career, and have built a reputation of being a powerful live act. They have toured Europe with Sonne Adam (Century Media Records), twice in the US with Anhedonist (Dark Descent Records), performed at festivals such as Maryland Deathfest (US), Chaos in Tejas (US), Hell’s Pleasure (Ger), Kill-Town Deathfest (Den), NRW Deathfest (Ger), Black Mass Ritual III (Fin), Martydroom Festival (US), as well as having performed numerous dates in Ireland, Belgium, Germany, Holland, Italy, Greece and Romania amongst others.

2015 will see the much awaited release of Cruciamentum’s debut album “Charnel Passages” on Profound Lore Records, with a vinyl version following shortly after on Me Saco Un Ojo.

Cruciamentum performs dark, violent death metal influenced by Immolation, Demigod, Incantation, Absu, Slayer, Morbid Angel, Mystifier, Disembowelment etc.

Rotten Flesh Crucifix (Self Released) – 2008
Convocation of Crawling Chaos (Nuclear Winter Records) – 2009
Eroding Chaos unto Ascendant Flesh – Split 7’’ with Vasaeleth (Hell’s Headbangers) – 2011
Engulfed in Desolation MLP/MCD (Nuclear Winter Records) – 2011
Charnel Passages (Profound Lore/Me Saco Un Ojo) – 2015


CORPSESSED (fin) – Dark Descent Records / Me Saco Un Ojo


Corpsessed was spawned from putrescent slime in 2007 at the rotting houses of delta-area Järvenpää, Finland. The 5-piece band started honing their abysmal Death Metal tunes and officially released their first EP titled “The Dagger & The Chalice” on CD by Dark Descent Records (us) and on vinyl by Me Saco Un Ojo (uk) in 2011.

Corpsessed’s debut full length album titled “Abysmal Thresholds” was released in the beginning of 2014, and has strengthened the band as one of the current torch bearers of Finnish Death Metal.

The band is known for their dark brand of death metal that harks back to the old days of early 90s and has received high praise for their hard-hitting and suffocating live shows, appearing in such festivals as Tuska (fin), SteelFest (fin), Kill-Town Death Fest (dk) and NRW Death Fest (d) throughout the past 5 years.

– The Dagger & the Chalice (ep), 2011, Dark Descent Records / Me Saco Un Ojo
– Untitled 7″ (ep), 2012, Dark Descent Records
– Abysmal Thresholds, full-length, 2014, Dark Descent Records / Me Saco Un Ojo

Youtube videos:


“Abysmal Thresholds”:

“All in all, it´s another triumph for the Finnish scene, and also an effective reminder of how harsh, ugly and harrowing death metal can be”. – 8/10

“The Dagger & The Chalice”:

“this is ugly music for ugly people, straight from the unholy grave. Despite an overcrowded death metal scene these days, Corpsessed have enough quality to be one of the leaders of the pack – expect great things from this band”

– Callum Brownson-Smith/ZERO TOLERANCE

Live Reviews:

New Bell Witch track and interview in Pitchfork!

Hear a new BELL WITCH track from their upcoming new album “Four Phantoms” along with an accompanying interview courtesy of Pitchfork’s “Show No Mercy”:

Bell Witch Four Phantoms cover_web

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