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Demon Head (dk) added to roster!

Killtown Bookings is proud to announce our newest roster signing; DEMON HEAD! We are excited to start this new collaboration where we will be handling the European bookings from now on and welcoming this great band to the KTB roster.

Check them out here:

DEMON HEAD is the long lasting constellation of five internationally based and widely acclaimed musicians; Mikkel Sander Fuglsang (Nigrum, Zyfilis), Birk Gjerlufsen Nielsen (Vanessa Amara, Øresund Space Collective), Marcus Ferreira Larsen (Junta, Planet Y, Zyfilis), Thor Gjerlufsen Nielsen and Jeppe Wittus. Though hesitant to compromise the description of the music they perform through generalizing terms of genre, they’ve coined the term DIABOLIC ROCK as an appropriate presentation.
   It is important to pay attention to the journey from ‘Ride The Wilderness’ (2015), a juvenile and hungry adventure exploring the boundless courage of classic rock music, onto ‘Thunder on the Fields’ (2017) turning their inspirations further towards the strange and sinister purposes of life, a tendency followed and completed on ‘Hellfire Ocean Void’ (2019), with it’s gothic and nothing but otherworldly song-writing and production. DEMON HEAD is recognized for their uncompromising and independent practice, having written, recorded, produced, mixed, filmed, photographed, drawn, printed, chauffeured, practiced every second and every cell of the body that is DEMON HEAD, leaving their development and growth as an organism completely free from the restraints of capitalism. What is left is a vessel, containing every possibility of collectivity, courage, rebellion, daydreaming, friendship, faint hope, clenched fists and opened hearts.
Since the beginning DEMON HEAD has been touring extensively throughout Europe on their own behalf or together with acts such as COVEN, MAGNA CARTA CARTEL, SLÆGT, ULTRA SILVAM, NIGHT, ILL WICKER and many more. They’ve been featured in magazines like METAL HAMMER, DEAF FOREVER, CLASSIC ROCK MAGAZINE, METALIZED, SWEDEN ROCK among many others. As well as appeared on high profiled festivals as COPENHELL, MUSKELROCK, VOID FEST, WONDER-FESTIWALL, to name a few.

Birk Gjerlufsen Nielsen
Jeppe Wittus
Marcus ferreira Larsen
Mikkel Sander Fuglsang
Thor Gjerlufsen Nielsen

Tour announcement: MISÞYRMING (isl) + NAÐRA (isl) – “Algleymi PT 3” mini tour

Killtown bookings is proud to present the rescheduled “Algleymi PT 3” mini tour for MISÞYRMING (isl) + NAÐRA (isl)!

Dates will be 4th – 7th February 2021!

Just 4 dates – one in Hamburg, Germany, 2 in Denmark and one Oslo, Norway!

Thursday 4th February 2021: Hafenklang, Hamburg, DE
Friday 5th February 2021: HQ, Århus, DK
Saturday 6th February 2021: Blå, Oslo, Norway
Sunday 7th February 2021: Stengade, Copenhagen, DK

Killtown Bookings is proud to announce that we will commence the booking of the following tour w/ AGRIMONIA (swe) + SWORDWIELDER (swe)!! Dates will be 1st – 10th October 2020.

Agrimonia needs no introduction, the band have been an integral part of the Scandinavian punk/metal scene, since the release of their first full length album, “The host of the Winged” in 2010.

After a 5-year tour hiatus, Agrimonia will once again hit the road for 10 day long, European tour. The bands last year appearance, at the influential festival Roadburn in 2019 was a rare occasion to experience them live.
Their 2018 release “Awaken”, released on Metal pioneering label, Southern Lord Records, was met with great reviews, and critical acclaim.

This tour package will also feature, SWORDWIELDER! The band describes itself as “Stenchcore Darkness Metal Madness Crust”! Swordwielder, takes inspiration from classic UK Metal-Punk bands such as Amebix, Axegrinder and Deviated instinct. In these, they have found their own sound and it shines through, on their last release “System Overload” out on record via Profane Existance in the US and in Europe on Scream Records.

These two bands will join forces and tour across central Europe in a total of 10 appearances.

If you want to bring this great tour package to your city, please get in touch with:

Tour announcement: HOODED MENACE (fin) + DRUID LORD (us) – “Never Cross the Dead European Tour”!!!

It’s been pretty quiet from us since the outbreak of the virus. We have been waiting to see how things unfolded, but we have been continuing our work on the summer, fall and winter tours. Despite we are very aware that current state of things might be extended for quite some time, we have decided to announce a couple of the finalized tours. We are hoping that the outbreak will soon be under control so it’s safe to go to concerts again across the globe and enjoy culture and each other’s company. Here is the first of a few tours we will be announcing over the course of the following week:

Killtown Bookings is proud to the final routing of
 (fin) + DRUID LORD (us) – “Never Cross the Dead European Tour“!!!

Dates will be 3rd – 11th July 2020. Only 9 exclusive dates for this monstrous doom/death package!

Year 2020 marks the 10 year anniversary of the second, and perhaps the most acclaimed Hooded Menace album “Never Cross the Dead”, released on CD by Profound Lore Records in 2010 with Doomentia Records handling the vinyl version. 2020 March sees the album being re-issued on CD, 2LP and tape by Hammerheart Records, so the band can’t help it, but cut their nearly two-year long concert break, and head for a European tour to celebrate the anniversary by performing “Never Cross the Dead” in its full. 

Hooded Menace will be bringing Florida’s Druid Lord with them on tour and this will be the first ever European tour for these metal veterans.

Check them out here:
03.07.20 | Berlin, Germany | Urban Spree
04.07.20 | Warsaw, Poland | Hydrozagadka
05.07.20 | Poznan, Poland | U Bazyla
06.07.20 | Prague, Czechia | Underdogs
07.07.20 | Kassel, Germany | Goldgrube
08.07.20 | Paris, France | Glazart
09.07.20 | London, UK | Nambucca
10.07.20 | Rotterdam, The Netherlands | Baroeg
11.07.20 | Fredericia, Denmark | Metal Magic Fest

Check out the bands here:* 

“Never Cross the Dead may just be one of the best albums of 2010 and it’s putting Finland’s metal scene back on the map.”
Hooded Menace “Never Cross the Dead” review by The Radavist

“Rarely does an album flow with such determination, and I can hardly think of a single riff across the first 48 minutes which doesn’t seriously kick ass.
Hooded Menace “Never Cross the Dead” review by From the Dust Returned

“Hooded Menace are masters at the mixture of grotesque and gorgeous, and this record may go down as one of 2018’s best because of that.”
Hooded Menace “Ossuarium Silhouettes Unhallowed” review by New Noise Magazine

“This is the Form of death/doom brought to reality, the perfect distillation of the very definition.”
Hooded Menace “Ossuarium Silhouettes Unhallowed” review by Last Rites

Killtown Bookings is also working on the following tours:
Mortiferum (us) + Of Feather and Bone (us) – “Funereal Hallucinations PT. 1” – 22nd August – 3rd September 2020
Coffin Texts (us) + Lucifericon (nl) – 3rd – 12th September 2020
Innumerable Forms (us) + Faceless Burial (aus) + Ossuary (us) – 3rd – 13th/20thSeptember 2020
Mortiferum (us) + Hyperdontia (tr/dk) – “Funereal Hallucinations PT. 2” – 3rd – 16th September 2020
Agrimonia (swe) + Swordwielder (swe) – “Under Broken Skies” – 1st – 10th October 2020
Cerebral Rot (us) + Galvanizer (fin) – “Reeking tourment” – 2nd – 18th October 2020
Degial (swe) + Concrete Winds (fin) – 2nd – 20th October 2020
Fetid (us) + Cadaveric Incubator (fin) – 18th October – 1st November 2020
Stargazer (aus) + Ares Kingdom (us) – “Primeval Gods Descend” – 5th – 22nd November 2020

Please write an email to in case you are interested in one of the packages above.

Tour announcement: Spectral Voice (us) – “Seized by Black Trance” – 4th – 21st December 2019!!

Killtown Bookings presents the final routing for;
SPECTRAL VOICE (us) “Siezed by Black Trance” European tour 4th – 21st December 2019!

Spectral Voice will return to Europe for the first time since their 2018 tour with Demilich (fin) to once again lay Europe in dust with their devastating brand of Necrotic Doom! On this tour they will be showcasing some new darker material alongside songs from their back catalogue. This will be their last European tour before focusing on writing and recording new material for a forthcoming album.

Their debut album “Eroded Corridors of Unbeing”, which was released by Dark Descent Records in time for their first European tour in October 2017 with Blood Incantation (us) cemented them as one of the heaviest and most dismal bands of the doom/death underground. With extensive touring of North America and Europe they are also one of the hardest working bands around.

The tour will take the them across Europe for 2 ½ weeks starting off with a show in Istanbul, Turkey, before kicking off the tour on mainland Europe in Berlin, Germany. They will be hitting Germany, England, Scotland, Wales, France, Belgium, The Netherlands, Switzerland and Czech on their path across Europe. The tour will also see them performing at Eindhoven Metal Meeting in The Netherlands, alongside bands such as Paradise Lost, Sodom and Candlemass among others.

The tour will be joined by none other than the monstrous cavernous death metal entity Grave Miasma (uk) for the shows in Berlin, Antwerp, London and Leeds. Directly after they will be accompanied by US noise project Flowering Blade who was also behind the interim noise pieces to Spectral Voice’s “Eroded Corridors of Unbeing” for the shows in Glasgow, Cardiff, Bristol, Nantes and Paris.

Check out the routing here:
04.12 Istanbul TR Karga
05.12 Berlin DE Urban Spree *
06.12 Antwerpen BE Het Bos *
07.12 London UK Redon *
08.12 Leeds UK Temple of Boom *
09.12 Glasgow UK Audio **
10.12 Cardiff UK Fuel **
11.12 Bristol UK The Exchange **
12.12 Nantes FR La Scène Michelet **
13.12 Paris FR Glazart **
14.12 Eindhoven NL Effenaar ***
15.12 Brussels BE Magasin 4
16.12 Dortmund DE Junkyard
17.12 Basel CH Hirscheneck
18.12 Milan IT Circolo Svolta
19.12 Munich DE Feierwerk
20.12 Prague CZ Underdogs
21.12 Leipzig DE UT Connewitz

* w/ Grave Miasma (uk)
** w/ Flowewring Blade (us)
*** Eindhoven Metal Meeting

Tour announcement: PROFANATICA (us) + DEMONOMANCY (it) “Unholy Revenge” European tour 1st – 24th November 2019!

Killtown Bookings presents the final routing for;
“Unholy Revenge” European tour 1st – 24th November 2019!

Black metal legends, Profanatica, will return to Europe in November 2019 for another tour taking them across the European continent, promoting their forthcoming album ‘Rotting Incarnation of God’ due 11th October via Season of Mist.

One of the first wave of American black metal bands, Profanatica have purveyed primeval blasphemy for nigh on three decades. ‘Rotting Incarnation of God’ vomits forth a most vulgar strain of black metal ejaculate. Led by founder Paul Ledney, the trio desecrate everything sacred with a ferocious stream of chainsaw guitars and relentless battery. Profanatica’s latest chapter is nothing short of blasphemous perversions, sacrilegious incantations, and furious, unrelenting black metal. The kings of USBM are back to bless you with another assault of unholy hellfire.

With them on tour will be Italy´s Demonomancy spewing forth a hellish black death assault. Signed to Invictus Productions their latest offering came with the 2018 full-length ‘Poisoned Atonement’.

The tour will take the two bands across Europe for 3 ½ weeks and see them performing at Winter Rising Fest in Bessancourt and Black Silesia Fest in Poland, before ending up with a monstrous show in Athens, Greece at the Temple.

01.11. Leipzig, DE – Mörtelwerk
02.11. Berlin, DE – Nuke Club
03.11. Rostock, DE – Zwischenbau
04.11. Århus, DK – HQ
05.11. Hamburg, DE – Markthalle
06.11. Kassel, DE – Goldgrube
07.11. Antwerp, BE – Het Bos
08.11. Dordrecht, NL – Bibelot
09.11. Bessancourt (Paris), FR – Winter Rising Fest
10.11. Rennes, FR – Mondo Bizarro
11.11. Bilbao, ES – Edaska Pub
12.11. Barcelona, ES – Rocksound
13.11. Toulouse, FR – Les Pavillons Sauvages
14.11. Como, IT – Centrale Rock Pub
15.11. Pescara, IT – Scumm
16.11. Naples, IT – First Floor Club
17.11. Bologna, IT – Alchemica Club
18.11. Linz, AU – Kapu
19.11. Zurich, CH – Ebrietas
20.11. Nürnberg, DE – Golden Nugget
21.11. Prague, CZ – 007 Club
22.11. Gliwice Mrowisko, PL – Black Silesia Fest
23.11. London, UK – Amersham Arms
24.11. Athens, GR – Temple

Tour announcement: “Death Stench Procession” w/ CORPSESSED (fin) + GRAVEYARD (es) + LIE IN RUINS (fin)!

Killtown Bookings is proud to announce the routing for “Death Stench Procession” w/ CORPSESSED (fin) + GRAVEYARD (es) + LIE IN RUINS (fin)!

The Death Stench Procession will parade through Eastern Europe from 4th of October at the WAY OF DARKNESS FEST in Lichtenfels and end on the 12th of October at the OLD GRAVE FEST in Bucharest, Rumania. In between the two fests this great package of old death metal will pass by Germany, Poland, Czech, Austria, Croatia, Hungary and Rumania.

Finland´s masters of death metal, Corpsessed, released their epic sophomore album “Impetus of Death” via Dark Descent Records last year to much praise of the metal press. Spain’s Graveyard released their 4th full length “Hold Back the Dawn” via War Anthem Records this year and has since been active playing festivals across Europe this summer. Lie in Ruins, also from Finland, must be Finlands best kept secret. The band started all the way back in 1993, but disbanded before returning in 2002 where they have been active ever since. This is a rare oportunity to see these bands live on the road!
Spread the word and see you there! Support the death metal underground!

Here is the routing:
4.10.19 Ways of Darkness Festival, Lichtenfels, DE

5.10.19 Magnetofon, Łódź, PL *support for Desaster (de) + Possession (be)

6.10.19 D.K.Luksus, Wrocław, PL

7.10.19 Underdogs, Prague, CZ

8.10.19 Show needed! (South Germany/Austria/Italy)

9.10.19 Klub Močvara, Zagreb, CR

10.10.19 Supersonic – Blue Hell & KVLT, Budapest, HU

11.10.19 Flying Circus Cluj, Cluj-Napoca, RU

12.10.19 Old Grave Fest, Bucharest, RU

More info: /

Tour announcement: “Obliviiolence” European tour w/ ESKHATON (aus) + ALTARAGE (es)!

Killtown Bookings is proud to present the final routing for the “Obliviiolence” European tour w/ ESKHATON (aus) + ALTARAGE (es)!

The psychotic bestial death metal horde of absolute chaos and total death, Eskhaton from Melbourne, Australia will hit the roads of Europe for a 11 day tour together with the Basque Country’s very own Altarage! Dates will be 10th – 20th August 2019!

The tour will be the very first European tour for Eskhaton after having played only 2 European shows in Czech last year based around Brutal Assualt. Eskhaton spews forth chaotic, dissonant, blackened death metal and features members of Inverloch, Ignivomous and ex Hobbs Angel Of Death. Signed to Season of Mist, Altarage delivers their own unique, utterly obscure, sepulchral and dissonant approach to death metal. The combination of these two bands will blow your mind!

The tour will kick off at the completely sold out Brutal Assault Festival in Jaromer, Czech, followed by performances in Poland, Germany, Denmark, The Netherlands, UK and France including performances at the Kill-Town Death Fest Warm up show in Copenhagen and as support for Incantation and Beheaded in Hamburg, Germany!

Here is the routing:
• 10/08 Czechia, Jaromer Brutal Assualt Festival
• 11/08 Poland, Wroclaw DK Luksus
• 12/08 Poland, Warsaw Poglos
• 13/08 Poland, Szcezcin Jambar
• 14/08 Germany, Kiel Alte Meierei
• 15/08 Denmark, Copenhagen Pumpehuset *Kill-Town Death Fest Warm Up
• 16/08 Germany, Hamburg Bambi Galore *support for Incantation (us) + Beheaded (malta)
• 17/08 The Netherlands, Leiden Studio De Veste
• 18/08 UK, London Boston Music Room
• 19/08 France, Paris Le Klub
• 20/08 Germany, Karlsruhe AKK

Check out the bands here:

Tour announcement; FUNEBRARUM (us) + GALVANIZER (fin) “Shadows of Putrefaction” European tour!

Killtown Bookings is proud to present the final routing for the “Shadows of Putrefaction” European tour w/ FUNEBRARUM (us) + GALVANIZER (fin)!!!

Masters of old school death metal, New Jersey based Funebrarum, will return to Europe once again to head out on a 2 week Euopean tour from 23rd August – 8th September! With them, they are bringing the Finnish trio Galvanizer, creating chaos and havoc along their path across the European continent.

The tour will kick off at the 4th edition of Helsinki Death Fest in Finland followed by performances in Poland, Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands, Czech and Austria including a performance at Morbid Catacombs Fest in Berlin before finishing off at the 7th edition of Kill-Town Death Fest in Copenhagen, Denmark!

Here is the routing:

Friday 23rd-24th August – Finland, Hesinki – Ääniwalli *Helsinki Death Fest IV
Sunday 25th August – Poland, Lodz Klub – Magnetofon
Monday26th August – Poland, Warsawa – Poglos
Tuesday 27th August – Germany, Dresden – Chemie fabrik
Wednesday 28th August – Germany, Kassel – Goldgrube
Thursday 29th August – Belgium, Deinze – Elpee
Friday 30th August, The Netherlands, Breda – Nieuwe Veste
Saturday 31st August – Germany, Berlin – Zukunft am Ostkreuz *Morbid Catacombs Fest
Sunday 1st September – Czech, Prague – 007 Club
Monday 2nd September – Austria, Linz – Kapu
Tuesday 3rd September – Germany, Nuremberg – Roter Salon
Wednesday 4th September – Germany, Hamburg – Bambi Galore
Thursday 5th-8th September – Denmark, Copenhagen – Pumpehuset *Kill-Town Death Fest VII

Check out the bands here:

Tour announcement: “Bestial Hymns Of Infinite Forms” tour w/ TOMB MOLD (can) / RITUAL NECROMANCY (us) / OF FEATHER AND BONE (us)!!!

Killtown Bookings is proud to present the final routing for the “Bestial Hymns Of Infinite Forms” tour w/ TOMB MOLD (can) / RITUAL NECROMANCY (us) / OF FEATHER AND BONE (us)!!!

This tour will see the first ever performances on European soil for Canadian Tomb Mold and a return for the Portland’s Ritual Necromancy and Denver’s Of Feather and Bone!

The tour will kick off at the 7th edition of Kill-Town Death Fest followed by performances in Germany, UK, The Netherlands, Czech and Poland including performances at Bloodshed Fest in Eindhoven, Berlin Swamp Fest and finnish off at the 16th edition of NRW Deathfest in Wermelskrichen!

Here is the routing:
•5th-8th Sept. Denmark, Copenhagen – Pumpehuset – Kill-Town Death Fest VII
•10th Sept. Germany, Hamburg – Bambi Galore – “Kill-Town Death Fest Cool Down”
•11th Sept. Belgium, Brussels – Magasin 4
•12th Sept. UK, Bristol – Exchange
•13th Sept. UK, London – Nambucca
•14th Sept. The Netherlands, Eindhoven – Effenaar – Bloodshed Fest
•15th Sept. France, Paris – Le Klub
•16th Sept. Germany, Kassel – Goldgrube
•17th Sept. Czechia, Prague – Underdogs Eternia
•18th Sept. Poland, Wroclaw – D.K. Luxus
•19th Sept. Poland, Warsawa – Poglos
•20th Sept. Germany, Berlin – Zukunft am Ostkreutz – Berlin Swamp Fest
•21st Sept. Germany, Wermelskirchen – AJZ Bahndamm – NRW Deathfest

Check out the bands here:

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