Killtown Bookings (KTB) is an independently run booking agency based in Copenhagen, Denmark with a chapter with an independent agent working out of Prague, Czechia.

Started as a result of public demand after doing tours for overseas bands playing at Kill-Town Death Fest and Heavy Days In Doomtown Festival, Killtown Bookings is specialized in setting up tours for underground metal bands in Europe by working closely together with a number of like minded promoters, bookers and venues all across the European continent. We also set up local shows for other agencies/independent tours in our respective hometowns of Copenhagen and Prague.

If you want us to help you and your band with a show or to set up a tour for you, please send us an email with a link to a media where we can listen to your music (Bandcamp, Soundcloud, Youtube, Spotify is preferred). We will give your band a listen and get back to you, but since it’s a small operation we can only take a limited amount of bands at the time.

The ambition with Killtown Bookings is to work with and promote underground metal bands that don’t fit in the rosters of the normal commercially minded booking agencies. The motivation is not money, but the sheer love and passion for the music, the culture and the underground. The driving force is the ambition to try to create alternatives to the existing commercial structures and to pave the way for bands that don’t fit into those structures.

KTB wants to establish contact with like-minded promoters and bookers all over Europe to build on and expand existing alternative structures and to involve more new people.

Killtown Bookings is antifascist and takes a clear stand against any form of racism, fascism, anti-semitism and the likes. KTB will not work with any bands affiliated with the rightwing and their narrowminded ideologies.

Killtown Bookings still hosts the annual Killtown Death Fest (2010-2014, 2018-) while Heavy Days In Doomtown (2012-2015) is no more happening.

Copenhagen HQ

Agent: Daniel Abecassis
Sydområdet 4E, 2nd, 1440 Copenhagen K

Assistant: Tiago Dias

Prague Branch

Agent: Marek Drahota
Černochova 1291/2, Prague 15800


Killtown Bookings,
HF Frederikshøj 161, 2450 Copenhagen SV,
VAT: DK-34983119