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—Booked by Tommy

Over a decade ago, Deathrite started as a classic Old School Death Metal band.
Three records later they developed their very own sound, a unique blend of Death, Black, and Punk Metal.
After their latest effort, Delirium, Deathrite will release their next Full Length in Fall 2024, and with it, they open a new chapter of a musical fever dream, an obscure trip to total insanity.
Being on the road, playing shows all over Europe & UK was, and still is an integral part of the band. Tours supporting bands like Napalm Death, Venom, and Mantar made them a hidden gem in the european Death Metal scene.
Experience their live performances and witness the band‘s raw attitude and passion!!!
WITH TONGUES OF FIRE, Deathrite is proud to announce their cooperation with Killtown in support of their upcoming record. A tour and a many more live appearances will follow in late 2024.

Upcoming Tour Dates

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