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Encoffination formed in 2009 to embrace the darkest doom of death… to literally crawl with agonized chords and death bellows. This two-piece earthmover of pure sonic death has released four albums, various splits, 7s, compilations, and MLPs over the last 10 years. Their latest album, 2019’s We Proclaim Your Death, O’ Lord sees the band at their most vociferous and unhinged – pure aural assault of tortured death agony. Formed by Justin from fellow death metallers Father Befouled and Wayne from Decrepitaph, the band has seen successful shows across the southeast and east coast, with spots at Blood Of The Wolf and Maryland Deathfest in 2017. After almost 10 years together, Wayne stepped back from live duties in 2018, with Amos Rifkin (Death of Kings, Deceased, Father Befouled) taking up the reigns behind the drums. After a very successful, albeit short, European campaign in May 2019, with Father Befouled, Krypts, and Jupiterian, the band returned home and only played one show for the remainder of 2019 supporting FaithXtractor in a one-off in Atlanta. The pandemic era saw little action from the band. 2022 sees the release of a split with fellow death/doom outfit Rotting Kingdom on Selfmadegod Records. Wretched Enigma of Salvation is two new lengthy tracks from both bands, with Encoffination’s being the studio debut of touring drummer Amos Rifkin. Though a band that does not tour often, they pick and choose their live assaults wisely in order to level audiences and leave them wanting more. Encoffination is poised yet again to crawl out from their fetid tombs.

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