Faceless Burial

Australia, Iron Lung Records/Me Saco Un Ojo

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Formed in Melbourne, Australia in 2014 – Faceless Burial’s blueprint is to execute ripping, powerful and dynamic death metal. Sonically, traces of Faceless Burial’s influence can be heard in the long heralded classics from America’s East Coast, Canada and Finland. However, it would be remiss to ignore the bands connection to Melbourne’s current crop of brutal acts (Contaminated, Vile Apparition, Gutless, Incinerated, Ignivomous, Headless Death, Cemetery Urn, Sewercide etc) and Australia’s long running landscape of extreme music (Disembowelment, Crypt, Star Gazer, Necrotomy, Corpse Molestation, Misery etc). Themes of hallucinogenic Sci Fi-butchery and nightmarish phantasm’s confront breakneck speeds. Blasts fold into squalid breakdowns as the music plays between harmony and ferocity. The three piece released a demo in 2015, followed by 2017’s debut album Grotesque Miscreation released by Blood Harvest in Europe and Iron Lung records across the US. This was followed up quickly in 2018 with the MLP titled Multiversal Abattoir forging a new bond with Me Saco Un Ojo records. As we start a fresh decade Faceless Burial enter the studio to begin working on their anticipated sophomore album.

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