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Formed in the frigid Wisconsin winter of 2015, Ossuary is the manifestation of power through grief, misanthropy, and the total worship of death. Inspired by visceral loss, fueled by the agony of hopelessness, the band has no use for self-indulgent displays of technicality. Ossuary is thick, black, and scathingly sluggish–a murky, hateful exhibition of death. 

After four years of hibernation following 2015’s Cremation Ritual, Ossuary gave us their second self-recorded release, Supreme Degradation, in the spring of 2019. The original cassette release from Darkness Shall Rise and the reissue from Maggot Stomp have both sold out, but a release on vinyl is set to come later this year from MSUO. The band has toured the United States and is traveling to Total Death Over Mexico March 2023.

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