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Phobocosm is a dark death metal band from Montreal that came to life in January 2008.  Their music features an even mix of slow, mid-paced and fast parts with a strong focus on writing the darkest riffs possible in the realm of death metal. The founding members agreed that the band’s sound was going to be a mix between different styles of dark and extreme music. However, they firmly rooted their sound in the ‘dark death metal’ style with an old-school approach, yet incorporating a lot of elements from other dark styles of music such as doom metal, black metal and ambient.
The band has been signed to Dark Descent Records since 2012. The label has put out all of their releases to date: “Deprived” in 2014, “Bringer Of Drought” in 2016 and a 7″ titled “Everlasting Void” in 2019. The band released its third album “Foreordained” in late 2023. The full-length received positive reviews from both critics and fans upon its release.
The band has toured the USA with Mitochrondrion, Auroch, Ulcerate and Zhrine and has also shared the stage with Immolation, Gorguts, Incantation, Arkhon Infaustus, Adversarial, Krypts and many other bands. In 2019, they also performed in Copenhagen, Denmark as part of the annual Kill-Town Death Fest. In 2023, Phobocosm did a short US tour that culminated with an appearance at the Denver edition of the Decibel Metal & Beer Festival.

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