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Slaegt have cemented their place as one of the most important and exciting metal bands to come out of their native scene in recent years. Defying the DNA blueprint of traditional Scandinavian black metal, instead forging their own lineage anew from the roots of their predecessors. With a vicious and at times unpredictable live show, Slaegt have created something truly unique. Beginning as a one-man black metal project in 2011, the band grew into a group and developed a signature sound of their own, combining well-known styles with influences from beyond the sphere of hard rock and heavy metal. With eight releases to their name, over 150 concerts under their belt, three European tours alongside acts such as Venenum, Taphos and Maggot Heart, and appearances at major festivals (including Copenhell, Party San and Roskilde) they have built a strong following and achieved critical acclaim both at home and internationally. Amalgamation leads to the redefinition of genres. At our core, we draw from a wide range of genres, styles and time periods and we combine them in a way that speaks to us deeply. We have many shades on our palette, both light and dark. These are, as in life, interwoven and become ever-changing constants. Relying on composition and raw power to expose an immense, authentic energy, Slaegt continues to push their evolution further by laying down deep roots of their own.

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