Spectral Voice

Denmark, Dark Descent Records

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The Spectral Voice crawled out of the doomed abyss of Denver, Colorado (USA) in late 2012 to play slow rotting death/doom from beyond the grave. Focusing on gloomy funeral atmosphere and ancient death-metal feeling. Their early performances and rehearsal tapes were well received and word of their morbid aura quickly spread through the underground. January 2015 saw their first official release, the Necrotic Doom demo, which sold 300 copies before their first West Coast tour in March the same year. Eventually selling over 700 copies, the cassette was re-released in Europe through Iron Bonehead Productions (DE) and again on compact disc by Dark Descent Records (USA). In September they released a split 7 with Blood Incantation (USA), and made their first East Coast appearance at Martyrdoom Festival IV in New York City. Following the success of their demo and 7, the band played covenant festival ii (CAN) in June 2016 and embarked on the massive Melting Across America” tour with Undergang (DK) during July. By the end of the year they had played California Deathfest, Metal Threat Festival (both USA) and released a split 7 with Denmark’s Phrenelith, as well as vinyl repress of necrotic doom. In February 2017 the band will record their debut album, to be released by Dark Descent Records in time for their first European tour in October 2017. While the band’s recent splits hint at a faster, more traditional death metal style, the full length will descend into crypts more dismal and necrotic than the demo, pushing their sound even deeper into funerary horror and despair…

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