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— NOT ON ROSTER. Booked by Lewy for the tour with Ghorot only

The roots of Velnias stretch back to 2006. Hailing from Nederland, in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, their music is a lush and melodic blend of post, doom, and black metal reflecting the environment which inspires their work. Conceptually, the focus of the music is an exploration of the macrocosmic reflected within the fractal expanse of the burgeoning microcosm of the self. The conjured tonality is an epic atmosphere intended to whisk the listener away to another place and time.

Velnias currently exists as a four piece touring collective, bringing their music to life on stage with an immersive atmosphere and feral energy. The musical foray yields a tonality that borrows from the inertia and essence of the astral crucible and grounds itself through Velnias’ musical invocations.

To date, Velnias has released three full length records and three limited release LPs. Their debut album, ‘Sovereign Nocturnal‘, was originally self released in 2008 to widespread acclaim. In 2012, the band released their second album, the feral live recording  ‘RuneEater’. 2014 brought with it the definitive reissue of ‘Sovereign Nocturnal’ by the hand of Eisenwald Records in Germany. Continuing the partnership with the label, Velnias released the monolithic ‘Scion of Aether’ in 2020, recorded by the venerable Billy Anderson.  With the onset of 2022 and the breaking of the pandemic, the band has recently released a new EP, ‘Rending of Dyadic Convolution’ as a precursor for a new album slated for its debut in the autumn of 2024.

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