Denmark, Me Saco Un Ojo/Dark Descent Records/Extremely Rotten Productions

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Formed in the summer of 2017, Chaotian is the newest addition to the Extremely Rotten family hailing from Kill-town. The band started their sonic devastation with the well-received demo ‘Where Gods Excarnate’ recorded with the help of Tuna (Phrenelith, Hyperdontia, Sulphurous) that many have placed among the top demos of 2018. The following year the band released their second demo ‘Festering Carcinolith’ that showcased a more focused and experienced death metal sound. These two demos would afterwards be compiled into the ‘Festering Excarnation’ compilation from 2020, which saw the band’s music available on vinyl LP and CDs for the first time. In early 2021, the band released their single for the upcoming album entitled ‘Adipocere Feast’ which was recorded and produced in its entirety by Marcus Ferreira Larsen of Demon Head fame at his No Master’s Voice Studio. With inspirations from bands like Immolation, Demilich, Ritual Necromancy and Infester, Chaotian exists only to bring riff-heavy, crushing death metal back to life. Currently, the trio is working on their debut album which is set for a release through Extremely Rotten, Me Saco Un Ojo and Dark Descent.

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