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Sightings began on Planet Earth during the fifteenth annual orbit of the second millennium, 2015 AD. Instigated by Xander Bradley and Ryan Sheperson – the once unknown CRYPTIC SHIFT craft began a voyage across the outer reaches of the United Kingdom and beyond… later joined by John Riley, the act beamed transmission signals of Cosmic Death Metal and Sci-Fi Worship upon Earth releasing 2016 extended-play ‘BEYOND THE CELESTIAL REALMS’ – the debut offering which marked Cryptic Shift within the UK Underground, and as an elusive representative within the worldwide Sci-Fi Domain. Shortly followed by 2017 single ‘COSMIC DREAMS’ – a passageway into the transdimensional songwriting and lyrical concepts ahead… establishing themselves further worldwide, appearing live with acts such as VEKTOR, VOIVOD, SUFFOCATION, EXODUS and more – Cryptic Shift continue to indoctrinate Earthlings across the planet with their Technically Progressive, Sci-Fi Ridden ‘PHENOMENAL TECHNICOLOGICAL ASTRODEATH’ – and with the addition of Joss Farrington – the first full-length effort is set to stun earthly inhabitants in the dawn of the new decade…

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