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When Finland’s first Death Metal boom started in the late 80s/early 90s, among the first of the Finnish Death Metal troops in the frontline were the underground legends Convulse. Like many of their comrades, the band churned out that dark, brutal, uncompromising style of Death Metal that the scene became well known for, culminating in the band’s 1991 debut album World Without God, released on the now-defunct French label Thrash Records. Shortly after, Convulse followed in the footsteps of many of their contemporaries and began flirting more and more with Progressive Rock elements. They first experimented with these elements on their EP Lost Equilibrium and fully refined them on their second full-length Reflections, both of which were released on Relapse Records. The band called it quits in 1994, making this arguably Death’n’Roll style the last anyone would hear of Convulse for a long time. The band would return to the long fading limelight in 2012, ready to tread the path they helped pave decades ago and prove they were stalwarts of Finnish Death Metal for a reason. They did just that with their EP Inner Evil and their comeback album Evil Prevails. Brutal, menacing Finnish Death Metal was the name of the game, lacking in any other unnecessary gimmicks or modern trends. History would partially repeat itself in 2016 when the band decided to revisit those prog-infused Death’n’Roll leanings they once experimented with on their fourth studio album Cycle of Revenge. On this release, they finally reached their full potential and created a unique and engaging sound, one that they have been cultivating ever since. This brings us to the bands fifth studio album Deathstar, which sees the band at their most groundbreaking and ambitious. They mix in all the influences their influences of Death Metal, Heavy Rock, Prog Rock, and even some good ol’ fashioned Rock’nRoll to create what may well be their absolute peak of creativity and innovation. Deathstar was released via US Transcending Records in the end of 2020. The band has received many noteworthy opportunities to play all around the world since their comeback.

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