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Coffin Texts was created on Dec 1st. 1994 self-releasing their debut God’s of Creation, Death & Afterlife in 1995 on cassette. The band performed a US tour in 1996 with Infamy and Cephalic Carnage, Milwaukee Metal fest 1999 and 2000, The Infernal Storm U.S. Tour 2000 with Incantation and Skinless following the Full Album Digi-pack version release of God’s of Creation via Dwell Records. In 2003 the band released a 3 song demo titled Tomb of Infinite Ritual which led to the full length version titled The Tomb of Infinite Ritual in 2012 via Dark Descent Records (U.S)/Blood Harvest Records (Europe). In 2016, Unholy Domain Records (Italy) released the Re-mix 3 song 10 E.P with songs taken from The Tomb Of Infinite Ritual titled Deities Of The Prime Evil Chaos. With 2 members of the legendary band Possessed, Robert Cardenas (bass) and Emilio Marquez (drums), Coffin Texts are preparing to enter the studio with Guitarist Richard Gonzales for a 2020 release date. On this release, the band will be collaborating with some of the most legendary artists in metal to prepare this long awaited release via Dark Descent Records.

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