Concrete Winds

Finland, Sepulchral Voice Records

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After their highly acclaimed debut, Poisoned Void, and the outstanding mini-album Current Mouth, many shows and two European tours, Finland´s Vorum ceased to exist. But the dead can not die, for they are still hungry… Up from the ashes a new phoenix has arisen; Concrete Winds! Concrete Wind’s debut album Primitive Force opens up a maelstrom to the deepest pits of Death Metal. This is beyond a journey; this is a fucking rush, starting as ripping as it ends, without a single warning. Wildest fury & blackest wrath are the godfathers of Primitive Force. Concrete Winds reduce everything to a lo-fi, cut & paste undergroundish presentation. They set a statement and raise a middle finger to a distraction shot from what is relevant. Simply, Concrete Winds´ Primitive Force is the pure magick of a death metal sound and gospel. Some want to see the world burning – Concrete Winds serves them a primitive torch.

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