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— NOT ON ROSTER. Booked by Daniel for the tour with Morta Skuld only

Aggressive, energetic and passionately devoted to morbid, well-written death metal, Decrepid were among the small band of groups around the world who decided to take a stand against the sterile and overly-technical direction the genre was heading in when the formation first took place.  Since that time, they have slowly but surely carved out a name for  themselves as one of the strongest death metal bands in the UK.

Alongside their adrenaline-pumping recorded assaults, the band have always remained an active band, displaying their surprisingly wide appeal by appearing at festivals as varied as Desertfest and UK Deathfest, and performing live with bands from across the metal spectrum including Cancer, Angel Witch, Onslaught, Memoriam, Centinex, Avulsed, Grave Desecrator, Desecration, Dead Congregation, Nunslaughter, General Surgery, Sodomizer, Entrails, Chapel of Disease and Hooded Menace.

Upcoming Tour Dates

30-11-2024DecrepidBeyond the GraveLondonUnited Kingdom