Left Cross

US, Profund Lore Records

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Emerging in 2015 with a uniquely hostile brand of war charged death metal, Virginia’s Left Cross have established themselves with almost a decade of sonic warfare as a formidable live act that takes no prisoners and leaves no survivors. Ever pushing the pace, the band seamlessly weaves dark melodies befitting the pantheon of death metal’s golden age with relentless percussion and savage commands, ultimately offering a sound steeped in aggression and darkness. After a slew of demos and the band’s first full length, 2017’s much acclaimed “Chaos Ascension”, Left Cross returns under the banner of Profound Lore with their latest record, “Upon Desecrated Altars”, and with sights set on new conquests. Born from ash and blood, the groups newest offering proves that Left Cross know only war and will stop at nothing to see their foes crushed. As the war machine churns forever onwards, so too does the American four piece, implacable in their advance and ruinous in their craft.

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