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As part of the 1st Generation of what would become and be labeled as Death Metal. Deteriorot is one of the legendary pioneers of early Death Metal. Coming off of the Thrash Metal Movement in the late 1980’s. In 1988 Vocalist/Guitarist/Songwriter Paul Zavaleta formed Mortuary, which would become Deteriorot by 1990 with creating metal music that aimed to be heavier than its Thrash Metal predecessors.

Influenced by early Extreme Metal Pioneers – Venom, Hellhammer/ Celtic Frost, Sodom, Death, Deteriorot was formed and active along the same era with Obituary, Autopsy, Carcass, Bolt Thrower, Entombed, Immolation. Deteriorot compositions structured in a classic formula that transcends all subgenres of Death Metal.

Deteriorot built a cult following beginning in 1990 with countless shows & tours with legendary acts as Obituary, Entombed, Cannibal Corpse, Incantation, Immolation. By 1993 booked as the Headliner and no longer the opening act in most major venues. Already having released 1991’s Ceremonies of Blasphemy and 1993’s “Manifested Apparitions of Unholy Spirits”, 1999’s “Unholy Return” then 2001 brought the cult classic hit album “In Ancient Beliefs” which was sold worldwide, appeared in many major music magazines. Released on Repulse Records, WWIII in the USA and Blackend/Plastic Head in The U.K.

2010’s “The Faithless” brought Deteriorot into its 3rd decade. The album became a new instant classic. Signed to Xtreem Music, which then brought more worldwide fame, festivals, tours in the USA and Europe throughout the next decade along with the 2016 release of “Echoes From The Past”. The catalog has been repressed and reissued yearly on all formats, bringing forth countless of new cult fans around the globe of all ages. 2023 brings forth a new full-length album “Awakening” along with 2 major international tours on schedule. 

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