Canada, Me Saco Un Ojo Records & Memento Mori

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Sedimentum started back in 2018 when a group of friends wanted to play grimy death metal got together in the extreme coldness of Quebec City, Canada. The band released a four-song home recorded critically acclaimed demo on Bandcamp in 2019 and quickly gained attention from record labels all around the world.

Following this, a pair of split 7’’ (one with USA’s Phobophilic in 2020 and the other one with fellow Canadians Total Isolation in 2021) saw the light of day. They worked with labels such as Iron Bonehead, Fucking Kill, Rotted Life, Seed Of Doom, and a few others before securing a deal with Memento Mori and Me Saco Un Ojo for ‘’Suppuration Morphogénésiaque’’, their first proper full-length that was released in july 2022. Their take on death metal is mainly influenced by Finnish and English OSDM bands. Pounding blast beats, insufferable slow parts, and uncanny Finnish-esque riffs blend well together in this slab of modern death metal with a production that is neither too clean nor too dirty, just the right amount of filth to add an ominous vibe to the record. The actual lineup consists of Alexis Élément-Plamondon on guitar and vocals, Alexandre Landy on bass, Mathieu Lépine on drums and vocals, and Ulysse Nadeau-Paré on guitar. They are now ready to hit the stage and crush skulls all around the world.

Upcoming Tour Dates

02-08-2024Galvanizer, MalformedThe AbyssGöteborgSweden
03-08-2024Galvanizer, MalformedUnderwerketCopenhagenDenmark
04-08-2024Galvanizer, MalformedBadehausBerlinGermany
05-08-2024Malformed, GalvanizerMCP ApacheFontaine-l'ÉvêqueBelgium
06-08-2024Sheer Mag (us) + TBCStengadeCopenhagenDenmark
06-08-2024Galvanizer, MalformedGreen door storeBrightonUnited Kingdom
07-08-2024Galvanizer, MalformedNew Cross InnLondonUnited Kingdom
08-08-2024Galvanizer, MalformedFuel CardiffUnited Kingdom
09-08-2024Galvanizer, MalformedTemple of Boom Leeds United Kingdom
11-08-2024Galvanizer, MalformedMusiconDen HaagThe Netherlands
12-08-2024Galvanizer, MalformedMusic CityAntwerpenBelgium
13-08-2024Galvanizer, MalformedBlaBonnGermany
14-08-2024Galvanizer, MalformedSauna-KlubWolfsburgGermany
15-08-2024Malformed, GalvanizerAll RoundGroningenThe Netherlands
16-08-2024Dopethrone (can) + TBCStengadeCopenhagenDenmark
16-08-2024Galvanizer, MalformedHQ HeadQuartersAarhus Denmark
17-08-2024Galvanizer, MalformedPlan BMalmöSweden
18-08-2024Malformed, GalvanizerGamla Enskede BryggeriStockholmSweden
21-08-2024Left to Die (us) + Incantation (us)PumpehusetCopenhagenDenmark
28-08-2024FossilizationL´homme SauvageAuzasFrance
20-09-2024Father Befouled, FossilizationVaterlandOsloNorway
21-09-2024Father Befouled, FossilizationBetaCopenhagenDenmark
22-09-2024Father Befouled, FossilizationNeushoornLeeuwardenThe Netherlands
23-09-2024Fossilization, Father BefouledMusiconDen HaagThe Netherlands
24-09-2024Father Befouled, FossilizationMagasin 4BruxellesBelgium
25-09-2024Father Befouled, FossilizationNew Cross InnLondonUnited Kingdom
26-09-2024Father Befouled, FossilizationGlazartParisFrance
27-09-2024Father Befouled, FossilizationCanadian CaféToursFrance
27-09-2024Demon HeadSala Upload BarcelonaBarcelonaSpain
28-09-2024FossilizationL'Homme SauvageAuzasFrance
28-09-2024Father Befouled, Demon HeadL´homme SauvageAuzasFrance
29-09-2024Father Befouled, FossilizationSala SilikonaMadridSpain
30-09-2024Father Befouled, FossilizationSala Upload BarcelonaBarcelonaSpain
30-09-2024Demon HeadNew Cross InnLondonUnited Kingdom
01-10-2024Father Befouled, FossilizationLe Brin de ZincBarberazFrance
02-10-2024Father Befouled, FossilizationCentrale Rock PubErbaItaly
03-10-2024Father Befouled, FossilizationViper RoomViennaAustria
03-10-2024Demon HeadIdunaDrachtenThe Netherlands
04-10-2024Father Befouled, FossilizationReset ClubBerlinGermany
05-10-2024Demon HeadGeronimo's FGTStockholmSweden
06-10-2024Demon HeadPumpehusetCopenhagenDenmark
18-10-2024Killing Addiction, Druid LordKill-Town Death Fest LondonTufnell Park, LondonUnited Kingdom
29-11-2024Crematory Stench, CiverousOslo DeathfestOsloNorway
30-11-2024Civerous, Crematory StenchStengadeCopenhagenDenmark
30-11-2024Morta Skuld, DecrepidBeyond the GraveLondonUnited Kingdom
01-12-2024Civerous, Crematory StenchNeushoornLeeuwardenThe Netherlands
03-12-2024Crematory Stench, CiverousMagasin 4BruxellesBelgium
05-12-2024Civerous, Crematory StenchReset ClubBerlinGermany