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Galvanizer emerged onto the death metal scene in 2013 as a solo project. From its humble beginnings, the project expanded to include a second member in the following year. Fuelled by their shared musical vision, the duo embarked on an intensive rehearsal period that culminated in the creation of their debut demo, “Ground Above”. This initial offering showcased Galvanizer’s unrelenting dedication to brutal and grinding death metal, characterized by an abundance of energy, rawness, and a deliberately crude production style. Building on this foundation, the band underwent a significant line-up change in 2015 with the addition of a new drummer, solidifying their roster.

The year 2015 proved to be pivotal for Galvanizer as they unveiled their EP, “Horrid Tales of Death…”, which marked a substantial leap forward in terms of songwriting, production quality, and overall delivery. The release of the EP was accompanied by a series of successful live performances in Finland and Denmark throughout 2016.

Recognizing the importance of continually pushing their creative boundaries, Galvanizer dedicated themselves to composing a wealth of new material. This artistic exploration led them to record their debut album, “Sanguine Vigil” during the summer of 2017, which saw its official release in early the following year. The blisteringly fast and brutally intense nature of the album swiftly captured the attention of the global death metal community. Their reputation surged as they delivered powerful performances not only in Finland and Denmark but also as far afield as Japan.

Since then, Galvanizer’s trajectory has been one of unwavering ascent, marked by a continuous stream of performances that only grows in frequency. Their dynamic live shows have graced numerous festivals, and they embarked on their inaugural European tour alongside Funebrarum.

Despite the challenges brought forth by the pandemic, they dedicated themselves to crafting their highly anticipated second album, “Prying Sight of Imperception”, which emerged in the summer of 2021. The album’s release garnered praise from fans and critics alike, captivating listeners with its raw intensity and technical prowess.

The following year witnessed Galvanizer reaching new heights with electrifying performances at renowned festivals such as Obscene Extreme, Chaos Descends, and Netherlands Deathfest, while their transition to a four-piece lineup with the inclusion of a second guitarist added an extra layer of sonic intensity to their relentless liveshows. The year 2023 kicked off with a Finland tour alongside Goatburner, solidifying their stronghold in their home country. Building on this momentum, they have continued with an impressive European tour alongside Morbific and upcoming appearances at esteemed festivals like Tuska Festival, Pitfest, Chimpyfest, and NRW Deathfest.

As their ferocious energy and relentless drive reverberate through the metal scene, one can’t help but wonder what thrilling and audacious sonic endeavours Galvanizer has in store for the future, leaving fans and listeners eagerly anticipating the next chapter of their exhilarating journey.

Upcoming Tour Dates

07-08-2024GalvanizerNew Cross InnLondonUnited Kingdom
12-08-2024GalvanizerMusic CityAntwerpenBelgium
16-08-2024GalvanizerHQ HeadQuartersAarhus Denmark
18-08-2024GalvanizerGamla Enskede BryggeriStockholmSweden