Grave Infestation

CAN, Invictus Productions

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Formed in 2018, Grave Infestation recorded their debut demo “Infesticide” as a trio, originally self-released in late 2018 and then picked up for wider release by Invictus Productions. Grave Infestation wield a gutsfucking sound that near-effortlessly synthesizes every slice of darkness of death metal’s pivotal late ’80s era. Death metal diehards took notice, and then the second demo, Infestation of Rotting Death, consolidated that enviable standing, now revealing the band as a quartet with the addition of a second lead guitarist.

In 2022, Grave Infestation released their full-length debut – Persecution of the Living. Reprising a couple re-recorded songs from the preceding demo, the presciently titled Persecution of the Living wastes no fucking time in getting in and absolutely flaying the listener alive. The foundation remains much the same – from the malignant tendrils Morbid Angel cast across the Tampa scene to the buzzsaw bulldoze of the contemporaneous Swedish scene, the ancient foundation of Necrovore, Repulsion, and Sadistic Intent to Carcass’ godly first two albums – but Grave Infestation exhibit a frightening clarity in their jackhammering attack.

Grave Infestation includes members of Ceremonial Bloodbath, Encoffinate, Temple of Abandonment and other staples from the West Coast of Canada’s metal assault and bring along with them the raw and primitive attack signature of Canadian metal.

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