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Haunter is a black and death metal band from Texas and Oregon. The band has chiseled away at their sound for the past 8 years and present some of the most forward thinking death metal and dizzying black metal amongst their contemporaries. Their first full length Thrinodia garnered acclaim throughout the black metal underground. From this point they would inject heavier death metal writing into the following three splits with Crawl, Black Vice, and Sovereign. In 2019, their second full length album Sacramental Death Qualia was critically acclaimed earning it the #1 metal album of the year for Stereogum. The band has toured extensively throughout continental North America including 5 US tours, 1 Canadian stint, and a tour south of the border to Mexico with labelmates Wayfarer. With a recent signing to Profound Lore Records, the band is preparing to release their third LP. The as-of-yet untitled release is a swirling maelstrom of the heaviest, fastest, and most technical sides of Haunter not to be missed in a live setting.

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