Turkey/Denmark, Dark Descent Records/Me Saco Un Ojo

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Hyperdontia was started in 2015 by Mustafa Gurcalioglu and Malik Camlica without a name as home project. After David Mikkelsen and Tuna joined the band, David came up with the name Hyperdontia. It was first started as an international home project but it has since become more than a home project following the release of the first EP, Abhorrence Veil. Their first album was released in 2018 around the same time that Kill-Town Death Fest was happening. Mathias Friborg joined the band as a live guitarist. They played their first show there and had more concerts and a US tour followed. After David left the band due to time constraints, Mathias became a permanent Vocalist & Guitarist. Hyperdontia’s second full-length was released in 2022 by Dark Descent Records in the US, Me Saco un Ojo Records and Desiccated Productions in Europe. The band is touring in August in Europe and planing to play in some festivals in 2022.

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