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During their formation in 2008, the vision behind Krypts was to play Death metal, while in the past decade their sound has evolved more complex and sinister. The core sound has remained the same: a dark mixture of Death & Doom metal. Krypts have steadily spread their reputation and played around the world. However, their first concert outside Finland, and second live show ever, was 10 years ago in the first edition of KTDF. Having also witnessed its funeral, Krypts are eager to return and play one of their few European dates at this year’s festival. The band has released three full-length albums (‘Unending Degradation’, ‘Remnants of Expansion’ and ‘Cadaver Circulation’) through Dark Descent Records. Prior to these, they have released ‘Open the Crypt’ 12-demo and a self-titled 7 EP through Me Saco Un Ojo and now defunct Detest Records. Come prepared! You will be hypnotised under the spell of atmospheric Death Doom…

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