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MASACRE are the undisputed kings of South American death metal.

Formed in 1988 in Medellín, Colombia this band is the by-product of an age of nihilism and extreme violence. Masacre was a reaction to the cancer of their days: a nationwide plague of mass-murder, narcoterrorism and guerrilla warfare. Side-by-side with acts like Danger, Parabellum, Reencarnaciόn and Astaroth they spearheaded a movement that became known as Ultra Metal Medallo – a primitive and brutal sound that would be immortalised in Victor Gaviria’s 1990 film, Rodrigo D: No Futuro. In aftermath of the narco-wars of the 1990s, frontman Alex Okendo’s voice has become synonymous with the screams of a lost generation.

After a series of visceral demos, Masacre exploded across the Latin world and earned a reputation with tape-traders in the West through the efforts of drummer Mauricio “Bull Metal” Montoya. The band gained international acclaim with their 1991 album Requiem, a major release by Osmose Productions along with “Tormenting Holy Flesh / Ola de Violencia”, a split in 1992 with black metal legends Profanatica.

As Masacre conquered South America with Sacro (1996), Muerte Verdadura Muerte (2001) and Total Death (2004), it would not be until the release of Brutal Aggre666ion in 2014 that the band would set foot outside of Colombia. This began with Rare performances at Maryland Deathfest, Mass Destruction Metalfest, 70000 Tons of Metal, Destroying Texas, and Nuclear War Now in North and Central America.

We invite you to experience these Colombian masters in the flesh as they embark on the first ever European Tour. Killtown Bookings and Morbid Angle are offering a surprise itinerary for promoters across Europe, beginning in Norway with Inferno festival. Please see the dates below and contact Killtown Bookings for info. Major support to be announced imminently.

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