Sweden, Denmark, Mexico, Into Endless Chaos Records

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In 2015 Nigrum was born from fire; from snake infested tunnels and ravenous worship of death. There where ancient stones are inspirited by bone breaking and incessant ecstatic dances. From the mists of the central Mexican highlands and the pyramid temples of Quetzalcoatl that lie there, came a turbid and sinuous path that took shape in the form of black metal. After the first years of this journey, marked by hard strife and constant changes, the cutting obsidian breeze of the Serpent brought Nigrum to Scandinavian shores. After laying the past to rest, a new gathering of members was established in the south of Sweden. It was consecrated by the recording of a three-track demo named “Cremer Igne”, translated from Latin to: “The Undying Fires”. It was recorded by the band in early 2020 and released later that same year by the Canadian underground label “Tour de Garde”. As that year was turning to an end the band had its first live appearance in its new form after years of silence. The spiritual and creative processes that guided Nigrum there culminated, and were crowned by the recording of its debut album; now titled “Elevenfold Tail”.

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